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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Explain low MRT3 ridership projection, says MP


The Dewan Rakyat was told that the average daily ridership for MRT3 is expected to be 180,300 passengers.

PETALING JAYA: An opposition MP has asked Putrajaya to explain why the ridership for the Mass Rapid Transit 3 (MRT3) is expected to be less than half of MRT1 and MRT2.

Tanjong Malim MP Chang Lih Kang said the Dewan Rakyat had been informed that the average daily ridership for MRT3 was expected to be 180,300 passengers.

He said transport minister Wee Ka Siong had also informed the Dewan Rakyat that there were expected to be 1.01 million daily passengers by 2060.

Chang, however, pointed out that as per MRT Corp’s own website, MRT3’s projection was low given that it had more stations than MRT1 and was only 5km shorter than MRT2.

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Chang Lih Kang.

“MRT1 has 29 stations and is 42km in length. MRT2 has 36 stations at a length of 56km. The average daily ridership projections for the lines are 442,000 and 529,000, respectively,” he said in a statement.

“Given that the length of MRT3 is approximately 51km with 33 stations, what causes the ridership projection to plummet so drastically to 180,300?”

Chang said the figure was not even 40% of MRT1’s projection and 35% of MRT2’s projection.

“So, either the minister gave a fake answer in Parliament on MRT3’s projection, or projections on MRT1 and 2 were vastly inaccurate,” he said, adding that, if so, the previous government had been deceived into building the earlier transit lines.

Chang also pointed out that since it began full operations in 2017, the highest average daily ridership that MRT1 achieved was 204,821 passengers in 2019.

“Not only was this nowhere near its target, it was not even half of its projected 442,000 passengers,” he said. - FMT

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