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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Najib’s new solicitors ‘intend to stay the course’, says source


Najib Razak will be represented by a new legal team in his appeal against his SRC International conviction in the Federal Court.

PETALING JAYA: Contrary to reports appearing elsewhere yesterday, the legal team representing Najib Razak has not decided what it will do in the event the Federal Court dismisses the former prime minister’s motion seeking a retrial of his SRC International case.

“Comprehensive discussions on the permutations available are ongoing between Najib and his lawyers,” a source close to the former prime minister’s advisers told FMT.

A decision will only be made after the outcome of the motion is known, the source, who has asked to remain anonymous, said.

“It would be wrong and premature for the client and his lawyers to speculate how the proceedings will pan out, what its outcome would be, and what options will be available at that point in time,” he said.

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There are differing views among the lawyers about the likely outcome and the best course of action, which is entirely understandable, the source said.

It may be that some members of the team may be reluctant to proceed without being allowed adequate time to prepare, he said.

“I believe that lead counsel Hisyam Teh (Poh Teik) merely put forward one of the options available, perhaps what can be termed the ‘worst case scenario’,” the source said.

“However, my understanding is that the solicitors on record – the firm of Zaid Ibrahim, Suflan, TH Liew & Partners – have every intention of staying the course.”

Najib’s present solicitors notified the Federal Court of their appointment on July 26, and immediately sought a postponement of the hearing of his motion seeking a retrial and the appeal proper, citing insufficient time to prepare for what is a complex case.

That request was shot down by the court.

At case management yesterday, the Federal Court repeated its stance that the motion will be heard next Monday, and if dismissed, the hearing of the appeal will follow immediately.

Before July 26, Najib was represented by the firm of Shafee & Co, with Shafee Abdullah acting as lead counsel. - FMT

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