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Friday, August 5, 2022

P-hailing association in solidarity with participants of tomorrow's strike

 Food delivery riders will go on strike for 24 hours tomorrow to protest the low delivery fares. - NSTP/OWEE AH CHUN.

KUALA LUMPUR: Food delivery riders will go on strike for 24 hours tomorrow to protest the low delivery fares.

Persatuan Penghantar P-Hailing Malaysia (Penghantar) president Zulhelmi Mansor told Berita Harian that although the event was not held by the association, they supported it to show solidarity on the unresolved issue pressuring riders.

"This includes the irregular and manipulated wage rate and delivery fares issue.

"Maybe by doing this (go on strike), it will pressure food delivery platforms. It is understood they have planned for this since two to three weeks ago, and it is expected that all riders will join the protest."

He said they hope to see action from service provider companies after the strike.

"We hope they will not take it lightly and be sensitive to the welfare of the riders.

"In addition, we also want the government to take action. I'm sure that the government is aware of the situation, but there is still no solution to date.

"We hope consumers can understand the action taken by the group," he said.

A poster titled "Food Delivery Blackout" with hashtags #naikkanfare #grabsembelihrider #fpsembelihrider #24jamoff #24hournoshift and #offsehari has been circulated on social media hinting food delivery riders are to go on strike tomorrow.

E-hailing service provider Grab Malaysia had today clarified that there was no reduction in base fares for their delivery services.

It said in a statement that the recent concern raised by a delivery partner last month was due to a glitch in Grab Malaysia's system, where the rider noted a discrepancy in his earnings.

It said the issue was rectified, and the shortfall had been transferred to all affected partners. It had also clarified the matter in its official communication channel to our partners on July 21.

Grab Malaysia also apologised to its partners for the inconvenience it may have caused due to what happened. - NST

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