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Friday, August 5, 2022

Repurposing plastic waste to make useful accessories


A team of designers, artists and recyclers, calling themselves .bungkus, seek to take up the challenge of processing unwanted wastes and turn these into meaningful pieces and experiences.

Speaking at a press conference held at Snackfood, at Centrio in Pantai Hillpark, Kuala Lumpur, the group showed their first collection, which included library bags, picnic bags, makeup bags and even pencil cases.

“All these materials are made from different forms of plastic. Among these include cling wrap, industrial plastic and plastic bags for ice,” designer Mio Miyasaka said.

His group, Miyasaka added, gets their materials from people who donate plastic waste.

“Usually people donate plastic waste to us at our branch in Sungai Buloh. However, we are planning to open up more places for people to give us their plastic waste as we understand we are really far from the city,” said Miyasaka.

The project, he said, was aimed at encouraging more Malaysians to recycle.

“As such, .bungkus is trying to work with communities and endeavour to spur recycling economies in towns.

“This is by creating recycling centres where everyone can participate in collecting, sorting and designing recycled sheets.”

Additionally, .bunkus is also aiming at promoting recycling to the world.

“As we aim to grow our community of recyclers, designers and buyers throughout the world, we also hope to inspire a change in how we think and act when it comes to our waste materials,” Miyasaka added. - Mkini

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