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Friday, August 12, 2022

The LCS Bullshit


1. The Court should just appoint any defense lawyer

First of all if Super Moron's legal team wants to withdraw or resign from his case who cares? Just get the Court to appoint a government lawyer to defend him. This is provided for in the Law. If an accused person does not have a legal counsel or cannot afford a legal counsel then the Court can appoint a government legal counsel to defend his case. End of story. This is just another time wasting tactic. What kind of bullshit is it when the legal counsel threatens the Court with 'If our objections are overruled we will resign from the case'. Go ahead. Resign. Who cares?

2. Jolo is not a businessman nor a financier. He is just a thief.

Jolo is a thief who is now living off interest and investment income from the RM40 billion or RM50 Billion he stole from TIA and IMDB. Dont forget the TIA billions. He is just living off the interest income and the investment income from the stolen billions. So please stop calling him a businessman or a financier. If I stole RM50 Billion i too can become a "financier" overnite.

3.  Altantuya was not a French language interpreter.  This is worse than saying Jolo is a businessman or a financier. 

I used to visit the Singapore Air Show and Defense Exhibition at Changi in Singapore. Many of the French weapons manufacturers would be there like Dassault,   Thales, Airbus, Aerospatiale and others. There were also Italians, Israelis and Austrians. Let me assure you they could all speak perfect English. None of the French arms makers needed "French language" interpreters. And these were the "regular" engineers and technician employees from these non-English speaking countries. 

Modern weapons are highly technical but still they could explain in perfect English things like the stopping power and other ballistic properties of body armour  against the 7.62mm  standard NATO bullet versus a 50 calibre bullet. All in perfect English. Or the 'torpedo countermeasures' of their submarines. With due respect to the late victim, I dont think an Altantuya from Mongolia could handle all that technical stuff. So please stop the crap about Altantuya being a French language interpreter. 

4. The LCS bullshit

The same fellows who are in the dock now for corruption and stealing were also the prime minister and defense ministers at the relevant time. It was musical chairs. First Moron was Minister of Defense. Then the Jawa fellow took over. Then they switched again. Then another fellow. Then they switched again. Its the same bunch of thieves.

Decisions to buy major weapons are not made in one or two weeks.   Before the LCS there was the OPV (Offshore Patrol Vessel) in the 1990s. (Would you believe it - until today still not delivered). 

Then there was just the LCS but after Singapore built their stealth ship (Formidable class - 2002 also by DCNS), our boys also wanted to go stealthy. Th LCS buy decision was made in 2011 but the contract signed in 2014.

That gave the thieves plenty time to set up their layers of sub-cons, offshore sub-cons etc etc whereby the price was bumped up at every layer (with no extra value added). This was how they siphoned the money out. and they could not deliver the ships. 

But lets not be stupid lah. This has been going on for a long, long time.

What about those fighter jets we bought from Russia ? How many layers of subcontractors were involved  there?

Those SIX helicopters from the US that almost did not arrive. (They finally arrived in 2021). How many layers of subcontractors were involved there?

We know about the LCS but what about those FOUR LMS ships from China for a total of RM1.0 Billion? How many layers of subcontractors were involved there?

And what about the OPVs ?   How many layers of subcontractors were involved there?

And what about the maintenance and spare parts for our radar systems? Hello anna? 

So folks, dont be stupid. Do you think these billions in "defence spending" just began with the LCS? Or the Scorpenes? They have been going on for a very, very long time lah.From before Gen Y and Gen Z were born.

But its better late than never. Better to wake up now than continue in slumber.

Except for the Malay people. The Malay people are still snoring. If they wake up, our problems are solved.

The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of MMKtT.

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