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Wednesday, August 10, 2022



Thermage is a non-invasive cosmetic treatment used to improve the general appearance of the ageing skin. It is proven effective in reducing the appearance of wrinkles, tightening loose and sagging skin as well as smoothening its surface. It works by stimulating collagen growth using radiofrequency energy.

Introduced over 10 years ago, Thermage is now being used in about 80 countries around the world and has treated millions of patients who share a single aim: to reduce the signs of ageing skin. The procedure is preferred by many over other cosmetic procedures as it can address a range of issues in just a single treatment and because it is minimally invasive with minimal downtime.

Possible Risks and Complications.

Thermage treatments usually have very little side effects associated with them and even if there are any, they are minor in nature. These can include:

  • Swelling.

Mild-to-moderate swelling occurs occasionally right after the Thermage treatment, particularly on the face. It is temporary and is often accompanied by redness. Generally, it dissipates away in 2-5 days.

  • Mild Redness.

Transient skin reddening is often observed after the Thermage treatment. It takes only a couple of hours after the procedure to go away.

  • Blisters.

With Thermage Treatment, there is always a possibility of some blisters forming. And if they break, it can lead to scabbing. However, it is superficial and does not cause any scarring. Usually, it takes a few days to disappear.

  • Bruising.

Bruising rarely happens after a Thermage procedure and even if it occurs, it goes away in just a few days after the treatment.

  • Indentation.

A rare, but notable, side effect of Thermage is the formation of small indentations or skin irregularities. Usually, these indentations are temporary, but in rare cases, they can even become permanent.

  • Altered Sensation.

Another possible temporary side effect of Thermage is transient tingling or altered sensation around the treatment area. It rarely occurs and should resolve within a few days.

Those who are concerned about any potential long-term side effects and complications associated with Thermage should ask an experienced doctor and get a professional opinion.

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