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Friday, August 19, 2022

'Unnatural' to ask civil servants to defend govt, Harapan says


Pakatan Harapan Youth criticised Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob for urging civil servants to defend the government from allegations and slander.

In a statement today, Harapan said it was an “unnatural” behaviour coming from the head of the government, therefore, should be rejected by civil servants.

"Ismail Sabri's calls are feared as they may repeat the BN government’s past attitude of misusing civil servants as ‘propaganda tools’ to improve the coalition’s image among the public.

“Bear in mind that civil servants are close to the people as they run agencies such as Felda, Risda and Kemas,” they said.

Three days ago, Ismail Sabri had reportedly told civil servants to defend the government against any allegation and slander that his administration has failed.

At a meeting with Prime Minister's Department (JPM) staff, Ismail Sabri said civil servants should defend the government by looking at him as the head of the government and not as a political party leader.

"When you defend, do not be political. Do not see me as a political leader but as the head of the government and you are a member of the government.

"This government is a joint government. That’s why I introduced the Malaysian Family concept because I want us to think of this government as one family," the Bera MP was reported as saying.

On that note, Harapan reminded Ismail Sabri of Meta's findings which linked the police to a “troll farm” aimed at supporting the government.

"When he calls on civil servants to defend the BN government, then the rakyat will see that Meta’s report could be right,” they added.

Civil servants barred from politics

It is to note that during the short-lived Harapan administration, the coalition had re-enforced a regulation banning civil servants from getting involved in politics to ensure their neutrality in administrative affairs, as stated in the Public Officers (Conduct and Discipline) Regulations 1993.

With that said, Harapan Youth said the prime minister should have known about the previous directive barring civil servants from being politically active.

"His latest action could lead to abuse of power. Any move to force government staff to defend the BN government must be rejected.

"Civil servants should stick to the principle of neutrality to ensure smooth delivery of government service even if there is a change in leadership," said Harapan. - Mkini

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