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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chua Soi Lek: Paramount Leader or Running Dog?

Chua Soi Lek: Paramount Leader or Running Dog?

Chua Soi Lek is beginning to remind us of Ibrahim Ali. The way he talks and acts betray a true lack of statesmanship and in his desperation to sound credible to the public, he has resorted to all kinds of statements he thinks will buy him support.

All except for the ones that the Chinese really want to hear though - statements that carry messages of basic decency and that he will not sell them out just to please Umno.

But to their horror, they now find that he is actually in cahoots with their enemy No. 1. No wonder, comments like these appeared on Facebook:

"I cannot imagine how Chua Soi Lek can walk the streets of Malaysia without being showered in Chinese spit. This person is the ultimate traitor to all Malaysians of Chinese ancestry. A man who sells his kind just to please his political master, Dark Lord Umno."

Running Dog?

So, 'running dog' is how his own community sees him as. Sad, but he may have asked for it.

It appears one of Soi Lek's latest tasks is to punish PKR for Umno. He has already started by throwing stones that PKR intends to abolish Malay Rights, even though PKR has no intention of doing so. Then he goes on to say that he will vote PKR should PKR abolish Malay Rights, betraying his stand that he too is championing the abolishment of Malay Rights.

By harping on this issue, he hopes that the Malays will go against PKR for its purported stand to abolish their rights. And he thinks that was a smart move from his side. Sounds so like Ibrahim Ali!

What PR should do, once it comes to power, is not to abolish anyone’s Rights. It should just extend these rights to all Malaysians, so everyone can enjoy these rights. It should be retermed as Citizen’s Rights.

With everyone enjoying the same rights, no one can have the excuse to protest that there is racial discrimination in this country. You see, BN is also worried because there are many Malaysians from every race that wants change from race-based policies.

As for the bumbling Soi Lek, he keeps on fumbling with his controversial statements so much so that a full time cleaning crew has to tag along just to mop up his mess. Lately, his call for SUPP to decline positions in the Sarawak Cabinet was met with much protest.

Initially, people saw it as a joke turning awry on him as he failed to see that such a call would have direct implications on the current positions held by the MCA in the Federal Cabinet. Including his son's. Now they see that his true purpose was to help Umno blackmail his own community to vote for BN. So it looks like Ibrahim Ali is better than Soi Lek after all.

Prime Minister Najib Razak let the cat out of the bag when he confirmed Soi Lek's statement that the Chinese must vote MCA or be unrepresented in the government. Well, birds of a feather do flock together.

Paramount Leader?

But back to Soi Lek. Now he goes on to say that Malaysians should just accept the status quo, and live with the current deadlock in political awareness. Repeating the same as Dr M that not everyone is entitled to have everything and all must learn to share.

In his bid to sound relevant, he goes on to tell everyone that Malaysians do not have to embrace change, and that our current political stand is good enough to ensure a peaceful and prosperous country. Instead of encouraging Malaysians to strive forward, he thinks Malaysians should just adjust to our current political climate deadlock and accept our fate.

This guy has outlived his political usefulness and his duty to society and the country. He should have faded away after his sexual misadventures were recorded on video, but he is still tagging along, trying to convince everyone that he is still a statesman and a leader in charge.

When Ibrahim Ali condemned him as the person responsible for the dwindling support of the Chinese, he hardly murmured a whimper in protest. And to think that he is supposed to be the Paramount Leader of the Chinese in this country is laughable.


Now he goes around and stirs up trouble, just like Ibrahim Ali. Instead of planning for a better future and resolving the current political stalemate in regards to racism and democracy, he goes around throwing stones, causing more ripples in an already sensitive political climate.

Still lambasting PAS for its supposedly radical stand as an Islamic Party, he fails to see that PAS has evolved into a political force that holds dear to religious moderation and racial equality. For him to point his fingers at the sensitivities of religion is also not very intelligent of him. Unlike BN, PAS has never for that matter tried to degrade the sensitivities and beliefs of others. A good example is the Allah and Bible issue.

He seems to think that Non-Malays are blind to the radicalism of PAS and he believes that it is his duty to warm every one of the dirty tricks of the PR coalition. It wouldn’t be surprising that one day he might try to join the PR Coalition, to save his political hide.

MCA under him, has gone through a harrowing time, and appears weaker than before. His continued controversial and uncalled for statements will not return the faith and confidence that the Chinese once had for the MCA.

As the 2nd largest party in Malaysia, MCA seems unable to stand up to UMNO or protest against BN on the current political inconsistencies happening in the country. And instead of defending Non-Malay Rights, it continues to bark at Pakatan Rakyat for changing the status quo.

It is really sad, that the leader of the Chinese has to resort to such lowly tactics to garner sympathy from the public. The respect for this man keeps dipping to a new low, and people are beginning to sympathize at this once formidable leader, rendered powerless and pathetic, unable to take control of situations.

Lastly, telling Malaysians that Perkasa was the cause of the Chinese abandoning MCA, and calling on Malaysians to boycott Utusan, is another feeble attempt, with Perkasa crucifying him in broad daylight, while UMNO looks on in glee, trying hard to hide their swelling grin as the two dudes fight among themselves. - Malaysia Chronicle

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