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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Advisory To The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

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  • Bernama | November 16, 2016
  • emergency meeting of (OIC) in Mecca tomorrow (17/11)
  • to discuss Houthi missile attacks against Saudi on Oct 9, 27
  • M'sia spirit of togetherness with Saudi following Houthi attacks 
  • M'sia hopes conflict will be resolved peacefully

My comments :  To our Foreign Minister Anifah Aman and the Foreign Ministry, please dont be stupid.  Please dont get fooled by these pak untas.

They will tell you lies that the Houthis fired missiles at Mecca on Oct 9th and Oct 27th. No such thing happened. 

The Houthis targeted the airport at Jeddah and an airbase at Taif - which are far from Mecca.  All three places Mecca, Taif, Jeddah are north of Yemen.  

If Malaysia shoots missiles north towards Thailand, it does not mean that we are aiming at the King's Palace in Bangkok.

What you should ask the Saudis is why did they attack Yemen without any military provocation  ? 

Why did the Saudis start this unprovoked war?

For the first 40 days of this war, Yemen did not even retaliate.  Why did the Saudis continue bombing Yemen, even when Yemen did not retaliate for 40 days?

Why did they start bombing Yemen which does not even have an effective air force? 

When will they stop bombing Yemen?

Can the Saudis stop bombing farms, irrigation canals and other agricultural infrastructure in Yemen?

When will Saudi Arabia stop bombing civilian targets in Yemen?

Why did the Saudis bomb a wedding party in Yemen and kill 200 people? 

So far over 12,000 people have been killed in Yemen,  almost all civilians.

Saudi Arabia is committing murder and genocide in Yemen. 

Malaysia cannot be a party to murder and genocide.

A day must come when the Malaysian gomen must stop being stupid. 

Let it start with Anifah Aman.

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