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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

"Emergency" OIC Meeting In Mecca PR Stunt In Saudi Palace Struggle

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Predictable things are happening in Saudi Arabia. This is the land of the Pak Unta.   
Predictable back stabbing, treachery, sons killing fathers, fathers murdering sons, military coups, chopping off peoples' heads, sects, schisms etc are everyday run-of-the-camel behaviour,  especially when it comes to power struggles.  

King Salman 80 years old is very sick, suffers dementia and can barely stay conscious.  
The appointed Crown Prince Mohamed bin Nayef (MBN) is not his son. Crown Prince MBN 57 years old was appointed with "consultation" of the ruling House of Saud.

The King's own son,  Deputy Crown Prince Mohamed bin Salman (MBS)  30 years old, is third in line for the throne. MBS is also Minister of Defense and in charge of the 'country'. 

There is a strong possibility that if King Salman dies, his 30 year old son MBS will take over the throne, deposing Crown Prince MBN.   This will make bin Salman been really bad.

In my view the entire attack against Yemen was launched last year by the infantile 29 yr old MBS as a power play to impress the she-camels in the paddock that  he was a big boy worthy of becoming King by age 30 or something like that.

The attack against defenseless Yemen has become this psycho's and Saudi Arabia's worst nightmare. 

The Yemenis have counter attacked, have taken large areas of Saudi border territory and are poised to fully capture the Saudi Arabian city of Najran (population 300,000).   Saudi Arabia has already evacuated 60% of the villages along the Saudi - Yemen border. It is a disaster for them.

The ruling House of Saud is in serious tension.  There are serious divisions. Too many disagree with the King and his son's foolish war on Yemen.

Others just do not like both the King and his foolish son, with or without the war on Yemen.

The Crown Prince MBN does have his own palace supporters, as well as tribal support from parts of Saudi Arabia.  Saudi Arabia can seriously rupture.

Here is some analysis from Middle East sources: 

US intel believes King Salman and Crown Prince bin Nayef in ill health.
seriously ill, being pushed out of kingdom’s political scene
in June King Salman's health drastically deteriorated 
visitors barred from seeing ageing monarch 
his son bin Salman banned all meetings with king due to "brain damage"
Manar reported ban on visits covered all royal family, foreign dignitaries

King uses teleprompter to make coherent sentences 
King suffering dementia, severely interferes daily life 

possibility King Salman may leave power in favor of his son  
Muhammad bin Salman (MBS) is dep crown prince, defense minister. 
increasingly kingdom's crucial decisionmaker 
not 80 yr-old King or 57 yr Crown Prince Muhammad bin Nayef (aka MBN)   

NYT says King favors MBS, eldest son of favorite wife, as successor 
Making that happen is a challenge 
Palace rivalries pose formidable obstacles, it added. 
whether royal family would accept MBS as king is debatable

support for MBS's military adventures, economic 'vision' hardly universal 
MBS wild, thirsty for power, could even "kill his own father" to take throne
MBS has taken country's affairs into his hands in aggressive manner  
MBS now spokesman for Riyadh govt despite MBN being crown prince 
MBS aiming to be hailed hero by press, US  and academics
many believe he would topple Crown Prince MBN 
intense rivalry between MBN and MBS 
rivalry led to self-destructive Saudi foreign policy 
militarized and confrontational foreign policy

MBS ascension surrounded by great deal of palace intrigue 
meteoric rise sparked tensions within Saudi royal family 
Saudi royals angry with MBS skipping lines of succession 
MBS antagonized members of vast House of Saud 
mounting discontent at MBS decisions 
  • support for Takfiri terrorists in Syria and Iraq
  • brutal and costly war against impoverished Yemen
  • execution of prominent Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr.
MBS being advised by UAE on how to ascend throne
UAE ruler Sheikh Nahyan advising MBS 
intimate relations with UAE Foreign Minister 
  • MBS  heading country’s economic reforms (nonsensical)
  • policy towards Syria (pro ISIS) 
  • deadly aggression against Yemen (big nightmare).
MBS could use army under his control to topple MBN
Saudi would eventually disintegrate as a result of an implosion
oil reserves will fail to help prevent this collapse

Conclusion :  So this so called Emergency OIC Meeting in Mecca tomorrow being attended by our Foreign Minister is just a time wasting, PR stunt to make the Saudi Defense Minister Muhammad bin Salman look good in front of the TV cameras.

There will be absolutely no good that will come out of the Emergency OIC Meeting tomorrow.   The OIC has been a useless organisation for the past 50 years. 

Let me switch to Malay : siapa bodoh sangat nak pi jilat Pak Unta boleh pi lah.  Nothing good will come out of any of this.

I can tell you about satan worshippers but maybe another day.

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