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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

MO1 gets red carpet, whistleblowers get jail time

YOURSAY | ‘Whatever happened to the Whistleblower Act? Who will come forward to say anything now?’
Don’t Just Talk: The beautiful part of living in Malaysia is that while whistleblowers are jailed under the Official Secrets Act 1972 (OSA) for exposing the 1MDB financial scandals, the Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) who received US$681 million in his personal account is not only walking free but using the VVIP jet to tour Beijing with his stepson and family.
Macau Rice: Compare this to the Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) scandal, where millions of ringgit went missing... and all acquitted!
Anonymous 539281478077880: The verdict is what we and Pandan MP Rafizi Ramli expected. This may bring the opposition some sympathy votes.
People now would open their eyes to see how the "enemies" of BN-led Umno are wiped out by their dirty tricks. God is watching every move of the wrongdoers.
CQ Muar: As a prime minister who can arrest his critics and opponents at will, sack his deputy and ministers, condemn his mentor, among other things, does he still deserve our sympathy?
Jaycee: Bolehland is really going rogue. Whistleblowers are thrown in jail while the perpetrators are untouched and are able to continue to enjoy themselves.
There is no justice here. We all must do what we can to assist Rafizi. Whatever happened to the Whistleblower Act? Who will come forward to say anything now?
Gungadin: You're locking up the wrong guy.
Vent: If Rafizi is sent to prison, they do it at their own peril. It will only transform him into a national hero.
This is dissimilar to jailing former opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim for alleged sodomy which Malaysians may see as sexual aberration even if it is unworthy of incarceration. But corruption, scandals and scams are every citizen's concerns.
The wrath of the people has already been kindled and it will only further strengthen the resolve of many to topple this immoral government. No one has been as committed as Rafizi in exposing the sheer depth of the corruption and moral turpitude of this regime.
Rafizi has already won the day for himself and us, Malaysians. Rafizi, we are behind you. We salute you in sheer admiration of your courage.
Fortuitously, Bersih is coming close behind the heels of this dastardly sentence. We must speak up, too.
Bornean: You lock one Rafizi up, a thousand Rafizi will rise.
Korkor: We should set up a fund for his appeal and let us donate generously to show our appreciation for his exposure of our hard-earned money stolen for personal purposes.
Sarawakian: Rafizi sacrificed himself to wake up Malaysians, especially Malays, on the injustices and cover-ups being perpetuated and are still perpetuated under Official Secrets Act (OSA). He knows exactly what he is doing.
If Malaysians, and especially the Malays, don't wake up, Umno-BN will be around for a long time regardless of what the opposition say. Let his sacrifice not be in vain.
Vijay47: It looks like the court has no choice but to impose a jail sentence and that too, for a minimum term of one year, which would disqualify Rafizi from continuing as a member of Parliament.
Strangely, unlike usual sentences, there is no provision in OSA for any choice of fine or jail. If found guilty, then it has to be imprisonment and automatic disqualification. How very convenient.
Possible breaches of OSA would almost entirely be in respect of acts of illegality by our rock star and members of his band. The one consolation right now is that the decision was by only a Sessions Court; Rafizi can still appeal.
We never know, hope springs eternal in the human breast. And our Sha La La nightingale might yet be singing ‘Jailhouse Rock’.
Ozzie Jo: How is anything to do with 1MDB within the OSA? I thought 1MDB has resonated around the world a few times over. Everyone has heard of it.
Roy69: Indeed, what is so secretive in obtaining the AG's report? We rakyat have a right to know how our country is being managed and where our hard-earned tax monies are being spent.
Judges must dispense justice, not merely be a rubber stamp for the government of the day.
NNFC: The people will decide if the OSA is being used to hide the corruption of the government. Then this will be reflected directly in the vote for the next government.

Justtruthseeker: Can the authority be charged for abusing OSA to cover up wrongdoings? Otherwise, the rakyat will be cheated.-Mkini

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