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Friday, November 4, 2016

Are the red shirts they wear 'Made in China'?

YOURSAY | ‘They ended up making Malaysiakini look civilised and they looking crude.’
Anonymous_1411032064: By showing the red-shirts basic civility and decorum, this only serves to contrast and highlight how thuggish they are. Well done, Malaysiakini.
They came to intimidate and bully, but in the end, without realising it, they ended up making Malaysiakini look civilised and making themselves look crude.
They were probably expecting Malaysiakini to refuse entry and put up a fuss, so they can turn around and say Malaysiakini is hypocritical or fearful.
But their strategy backfired in their dedak-eating faces. It shows that they are really unsophisticated in psychology and public relations, just know how to use dumb brute force.
Trueglitter: The Malaysiakini team under the capable helmsmanship of editor-in-chief Steven Gan and his dedicated associates who were visible during the said meeting with the red-shirts group should be congratulated for their generous display of dignity and self-restraint in face of such a confronting situation when dealing with a riotous and aggressive group like the red-shirts.
As privileged contributors of your esteemed media portal, we are indeed humbled and stand tall under your shadows for the exemplary demonstration of leadership.
Gan, we admire you for being particular observant and ever alert to the utterances of the menacing Sungai Besar Umno chief Jamal Md Yunos, and though you did not speak much, your stoical demeanour and remaining steely undaunted, had spoken louder than words.
Thank you all for the remarkable display of collective integrity and distinct degree of classic professionalism.
Vijay47: Gan, that was mighty gentlemanly of you to have allowed a band of Umno-sponsored people into your office.
I suppose if a pack of rabid mongrels bark outside your premises, you would hardly bark back at them but in an act of charity perhaps throw them some scraps of food from your office canteen dustbin.
I would only hope that the food remnants were approved by the Islamic Development Department of Malaysia (Jakim).
Jamal and friends believe they represent Malay might and dominance. They may be right, but they also reflect the descent of a race into waste and ruin, their continued presence only because they are backed by Umno and its forces.
They believe they defend race and religion, they do not even have that little intellect to realise that they are nothing but paid fools, tools serving thieves and crooks.
Bereft of pride and honour, incapable of doing an honest day's living, these are the trash created by Mahathir and delivered deeper into hell by Najib.
Should they call again, close the doors on their face, let them do what they will. Malaysiakini, for whatever it is worth, you will always have our support.
Drngsc: Gan, you should not have met and entertained him. He only wants publicity. He cannot be trusted. Let him gather 20,000 people if he has enough money to pay for them. Let him tear down your building if he dares.
He is only good at talking. He just wants cheap publicity and you gave him cheap publicity.
Even if he promised you anything, he is likely to change his mind. Let him show his destructive nature so that the public and police can see him for what he is. Enough of his intimidating tactics.
The Analyser: "We alerted the press yesterday about our visit," said Sungai Besar Umno chief Jamal Md Yunos. And that one statement says it all.
All the red-shirts are after is recognition, insecure little men after their 15 minutes of fame. A mature Malaysiakini should have ignored them like you would a fractious child.
Anonymous #13114320: Nowadays, countries that support public freedom are no longer welcome here. On the contrary, country that have poor freedom records are warmly welcome.
Soon it will welcome all citizens from the ‘pendatang’ country and demands the ‘hantu putih’ (white ghosts) to go back to their countries. Such is the irony of life.
Democrat: Did you not see that Jamal had nothing to say after the explanation? He resorted to showing a video on billionaire George Soros, which is widely available on the Internet.
Tan Kim Keong: Jamal asserting that it was important that Malaysiakini admitted to receiving funds from the Open Society Foundations (OSF) is like saying it was important to know that frogs can hop.
Maybe he does not know that there is such a thing called company's annual report to get such information.
Odysseus: Indeed, how come Jamal didn't protest over the Arabs’ alleged attempted to influence the last general election by giving a ‘donation’ to Najib?
Is the Arabs’ donation cleaner than Soros'?
Clever Voter: You cannot rationalise with the redneck (shirt) equivalence. These people are thugs, and extortion is part of their business.
This is the ugly side of our rent-seekers culture, where patronage and titles are part of rewards and recognition.
If we laugh at US presidential candidate Donald Trump, this is several times worse. They are simply disgraceful, sadly endorsed by a shameless government.
HardTruth: I think it was very wise for Gan and his fellow colleagues to meet with Jamal to prove that Malaysiakini has nothing to hide.
Besides, this was a perfect opportunity for Gan and his team to exhibit their magnanimity. This is a good example of "when they go low, we go high" situation.

My salute to team Malaysiakini and shame on Jamal and the hooligans.
Jaguh: Were the red shirts they wore 'Made in China'?
Anonymous_1414479449: I think Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) should bring him along to China to see how world is outside his ‘kampung’ (village).- Mkini

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