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Friday, November 4, 2016

‘Don't waste time asking police to probe Jamal’

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YOURSAY | ‘Jamal seems to be emboldened after his ‘questioning’ by the PDRM.’
Negarawan: “Umno Sungai Besar chief Jamal Md Yunos was reported to have threatened that Malaysiakini’s building would collapse."
This is clearly a terrorist threat. It is shocking that the police are more interested in probing Malaysiakini, rather than taking action against a terrorist threat.
Jamal seems to be emboldened after his "questioning" by the PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police).
Sinner: Don't waste time asking the police to investigate Jamal.
He will manage to persuade the police that he meant the building would collapse due to the intervention of God and that he didn't say he would bring it down himself.
Touche: Who is Jamal? Who are the red shirts? Why are Malaysiakini and the PDRM answerable to Jamal and the red shirts? Why are Jamal making demands and issuing threats with impunity?
Anonymous 1139931441349535: Jamal seems to think he is the king of the country, acting like a boss. But when trouble comes, he will put the blame on the media for misinterpreting his statement.
Labis Guy: Jamal must have a very special licence to do whatever he deems fit and can even instruct Bank Negara to freeze bank accounts. Nobody can touch him, which is why he barks everywhere and every now and then.
The Power Of The Dream: If Jamal wants to know about Malaysiakini's donations, then Malaysiakini is well within its rights to ask him back, who pay these disgraceful mercenaries and how much 'donations' they have received to date.
If they are not prepared to give a dignified reply, then shut the gate on them.
Tan Heng Ken: Malaysiakini, why bother to entertain a group of paid mat rempits? Let them make a fool of themselves, they are telling the world how low their mentality is.
Just like their sponsor, we all know who they are and what their objective is.
Swipenter: Since exposing the fact that Umno is behind the red shirts, the latter more or less couldn't care less what they say and/or do in public now.
For instance, their leader immediately after being released from police remand declared war on Bersih, and how did our inspector-general of police (IGP) respond to his threat of war?
Instead of re-arresting him for issuing threats, he waved it off as a figure of speech. No wonder, these red shirts feel that they can say and do whatever they like with impunity.
There is no doubt in the minds of many that Bolehland has become a lawless country.
Anticonmen: They are paid well by a kleptocrat to intimidate. Why is it they dare not demonstrate in front of the US Embassy over the US Department of Justice (DOJ) freezing of laundered assets that belong rightfully to Malaysians? 
Goldee: 'Anticonmen', I fully agree with you that Jamal should take his entire red shirts gang to demonstrate in front of the US Embassy to demand for the release of our sovereign funds that are being seized by the DOJ.
We also suggest that Jamal and his red-shirts demonstrate in front of businessman Jho Low's parent's house for the return of the hundreds of millions the DOJ claims he had siphoned or stolen from 1MDB.
Basically: Gerakan Youth deputy chief Andy Yong should stop issuing statements and go tell the BN-Umno chief off instead. As if Jamal cares what Gerakan thinks.
As a member of the ruling coalition led by Jamal's boss, Yong could do something about this instead of just commenting like an outsider or NGO. But I doubt he has the guts to do it.
He wants to look like a liberal and a moderate, but he won't take affirmative action to correct stuff he complains about. When push comes to shove, he will probably retreat back to his party's breadcrumbs role.
TimesAchanging: Only Jamal can go around threatening people. What would happen if others speak the way he does to him or his group of people? He is just like a schoolyard bully.
Ib: When such threats are not stopped, and the IGP refuses to act, the rakyat will come to the logical conclusion that this is supported by someone higher than the IGP. MO1?
Hang Tuah PJ: Who is he to threaten anyone? Why is he not being investigated? How come he has so much free time? Does he not have a job to do?
If unemployed, who is 'feeding' him? We have so many questions to ask Jamal.
Anonymous_1421406986: It was a gentlemanly gesture to visit somebody's house to seek clarification on a matter that concerns you, the society and the country, but any trace of a friendly visit dissipated the moment you threatened to bring down the host's house.
Fortunately, you encountered a neighbour who functions at an intellectual level, not at an emotional level. The fact the neighbour invited you in, heard your concerns and declared he had nothing to hide, should have ended on a friendly note with a handshake.
If you had further doubt you should bring it to the attention of the right authorities. It is your right to file an official complaint.
Jamal, you don't need to hold your next demonstration in front of Malaysiakini office. I am a subscriber and not all that Malaysiakini writes pleases me. But I am a peace lover and love my country and fellow Malaysians.
Alunan Ombak: Yes, lodge a report to the police as a precaution. But we still call upon Jamal to reciprocate the goodwill displayed by Malaysiakini in kind.

He can't go around threatening others and getting away scot-free.
Boeyks: Malaysiakini had played its part. Now it up to the police to play theirs.-Mkini

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