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Thursday, November 3, 2016

MACC's probe on 1MDB - doing an autopsy without finding cause of death

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YOURSAY | ‘How can you investigate corruption without investigating the money trail?’
Oscar Kilo: What an idiotic deputy minister! How can you investigate corruption without investigating the money trail? It is like doing an autopsy without determining the cause of death.
Anyway, you contradicted yourself when you said that the US$681 million in PM Najib Abdul Razak's account came from a Saudi royal "donation".
That's a money trail, isn't it? But in your case, it is a fictitious money trail.
SusahKes: Indeed, how does one investigate corruption, and not look at the money trail? Aren't money laundering and corruption twin sisters in the larger play of financial misappropriation?
I thought this was a given - something that they'd teach you at Criminal Investigations 101.
Oh sorry, our chaps probably spent more time perusing BTN (Biro Tatanegara) manuals than they did at revising reputable courseware.
Aussie71: Yes, you cannot investigate corruption involving funds without investigating the trail. This response is typical crap from people doing all they can to silence the issue.
In the end, nothing will ever be done within the country but the only way he will get caught now is if he travels abroad.
Anonymous #21828131: Razali Ibrahim, what ‘no corruption involved’? The US Department of Justice (DOJ) has shown clear abuse of power, money laundering and use of stolen money from 1MDB by Malaysian Official 1, Jho low and his merry men.
Singapore is now busy implicating 1MDB and all the goons involved, and to you, that’s not corruption?
My goodness! How these guys spin open lies with a straight face. It’s just like standing in a cesspool and saying you can’t smell s**t.
Appum: No money trail, no graft. No graft, no money trail. Too simplistic?
Bystander: Clearly, another stupid minister in the making. Yes, if you’ve got legitimate funds to spend, there is no issue.
What if the world is investigating and alleging that the money trail has gone into Najib’s stepson Riza Aziz's accounts and he could not substantiate its legitimacy? Shouldn't this bell sound loud enough to warrant an investigation?
If 1MDB said the money is not missing, then where is it? OSA (Official Secrets Act) again? Are you still waiting for the cows to come home before action is taken, or do you simply have no interest whatsoever in the case as you put it?
Razali, your very unintelligent statement only serves to deteriorate further the integrity and image of our beloved Malaysia. Close your gap tight and you would have done a national service to our country.
Vijay47: I am sure there must be some stringent test before one becomes an Umno member and an even more challenging examination to become an Umno minister - Umno has to ensure that nobody's IQ is above imbecile level. Razali must have passed both with flying colours.
You have put the buffalo conveniently before the cart - if someone of modest sources of income spends big, in hundreds of millions, then you have no choice but to investigate him. Remember that little corruption thingy about having a lifestyle beyond known means?
The whole world is engaged in probing massive irregularities in a major Malaysian corporate entity and you are not bothered, you don't care since the crooked watchman has said nothing is missing from the warehouse?
How generous of you to leave it to the DOJ to establish whether monumental swindling has been perpetrated in 1MDB by Malaysians in high levels.
I suppose by Umno standards, nothing is wrong if the water you drink is from a known source however muddy it be.
Tan Kim Keong: Of course, 1MDB is right. No need to wait, Razali. Auditors were fired and now there are no auditors. The attorney-general was fired.
New AG did not approve of MACC requesting for international mutual assistance (MLA) and instructed the investigation to be closed.
This AG was satisfied that monies in Najib's private account were donations without taking into consideration the actual money transfer documentation trail.
The Public Accounts Committee chief unilateral removed crucial information from 1MDB report. And Najib and his cabinet's vow of silence on 1MDB.
Yes, 1MDB is right and DOJ is trying to bring down the 'democratically' elected government of Malaysia.
Onlooker: I am confused. If you buy a house or car, as most Malaysians do at some point in their life, you are very likely to get a letter from the tax people asking you to account for the money, even if you are paying it off over many years.
Can this reasoning now be used to explain, since the deputy minister says it's okay?
Oscar Kilo: The question is, how did Riza get so much money? We are talking about millions of US dollars. Did Riza save up from young, just like his mom?

Sarajun Hoda: Razali, you want us to believe the money he used to buy the properties is a gift? RM393 million? Even my donkey wouldn't believe that. -Mkini

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