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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Ayub Khan Is It True Zakir Naik Is Bringing A Team Of 15 people To Malaysia To Set Up A Broadcasting Centre? With Your Knowledge? Dei, yennadaa ?

The news that Zakir Naik (whom the  Indian annd Bangla govts have declared a mentor of terrorists) has been granted Malaysian citizenship is making huge waves.  

I hear talk that Zakir Naik is actually bringing a team of at least 15 of his people to Malaysia and among the things they will be doing is to set up a broadcasting center. 

Since Zakir Naik is banned in his home country India and also in Bangladesh (an Islamic country), he is now relocating to Malaysia. 

If this is true then Dato Ayub Khan Mydin Pitchay has a lot to answer. 

Why not Zakir Naik go to Pakistan, Afghanistan or, best of all, to Saudi Arabia ? 

I say, kepada Tan Sri atau Dato Sri bodoh who approved this entire insanity, please understand mamak dengan Arab kan lebih dekat - makan roti naan, kebab kambing, beriyani daging, minum susu lembu, thairu (yogurt), roti prata etc. 

Takkan Zakir Naik nak makan nasi lemak, sambal petai, ayam masak lemak pula? So better ask him to go to Saudi Arabia lah. Kan depa dah ada hudood lagi ?

This is from FMT :

  • KL : Controversial Zakir Naik, IRF foundation banned in India
  • been given Malaysian citizenship, claims Hindustan Times.
  • Zakir, under investigation by police and National Investigation Agency (NIS)
  • believed hiding in Malaysia.
  • under investigation for spreading communal hatred, glorifying terrorism.
  • Zakir's IRF gave scholarship (RM5,220) to Abu Anas, of ISIS
  • scholarship given in October 2015 
  • Bangladesh in August, banned Zakir’s speeches on TV
  • investigations show his speeches inspired Dhaka massacre,  22 killed.
  • authorities thought hiding in Africa, Thailand. He was in M'sia
  • people representing Zakir confirm his M'sian citizenship.
  • came as package deal along with Tokoh Ma’al Hijrah in 2013.
  • state policy of M'sia to offer citizenship to awardees 
  • Zakir Naik now M'sian citizen,  Hindustan Times quoted Zakir rep
  • dual citizenship will benefit him.

  • M'sia also favourite of underworld gangster Chhota Rajan
  • holed up in M'sia for years before extradited from Indonesia.
  • Rajan underwent medical treatment in Malaysia
  • His aide, Aftab Alam alias Haji, holed up in M'sia, according to report.

  • NIA conducted raids at 20 commercial, residential properties of Zakir

My comments : Pasai apa lah hangpa ni bodoh bebai macam ini? 

Hari tu pi cium bontot pak arab unta. 
Pak arab unta pula liwat hangpa betul-betul, sedap rasanya. 

Duit Khazanah pak arab unta bawa lari beratus juta Ringgit.
Duit 1MDB pun pak arab unta bawa lari berbeliyon Ringgit.

Sekarang ni hangpa pi cium ketiak masam mamak India pula pasai apa?
Bangladesh negara Islam sudah haram mamak ini dari masuk negeri depa.
Nak tayang muka dia tang TV Bangladesh pun tak boleh. Haram.

Hangpa pula pi bagi dia citizenship.
Dia boleh bawa masuk 15 orang nak buat broadcasting centre pula di sini.
Pasai apa lah hangpa bodoh macam pintu, wei?
Hari tu menteri besar negeri bebai nak bagi dia TIGA biji pulau pula!

Ok saya ada soalan - boleh ke rakyat Malaysia pegang dua pasport?
Can Malaysians hold TWO passports.
Maksudnya boleh ke orang Malaysia pegang DUA citizenship?


Misalnya rakyat Malaysia TAK BOLEH JADI  warganegara di Malaysia DAN SingapurA atau Australia atau Hong Kong pada waktu yang sama.

Memang tak boleh. 

Habis pasai apa hangpa pi bagi citizenship kepada Zakir Naik yang masih pegang pasport dan citizenship India? Hangpa bodoh ke?

Hello Tan Sri / Dato Sri KSN, Majlis Keselamatan Negara, KDN, Immigration etc - pasai apa hangpa bodoh macam ta_i lembu? 

Were you all born stupid? Is it really part of your DNA?

Dulu, hangpa bagi PR kepada Abu Bakar Bashir (the mentor of the Jemaah Islamiyah terrorist group).

What happened? He sent people to bomb Bali, he started a war in Ambon and now he is in jail in Indonesia. 

Dulu, hangpa bagi PR kepada Nur Misuari (the mentor of the MNLF AND Abu Sayyaf).   

What happened? He sent people to bomb all over Mindanao. He knew the Suluks who attacked Lahad Datu. The Philippines issued a warrant of arrest for him. 
Ayub Khan - please inform the Malaysian public of the list of foreigners granted PR or citizenship in Malaysia who have been declared terrorist mentors, or members of terrorist organisations or have been labelled as terrorist sympathisers or who are banned from making public speeches, publishing their material, appearing on TV etc by any country in the world?

A good example of such a person will be Zakir Naik.  How many more of such people have been granted "passage" to Malaysia?

Tak kira Thai separatists, Aceh freedom fighters, Moro leaders, Chechens, Chinese (Xinjiang Islamists), Hamas leaders,  Pakistanis, Arabs, whoever.

I hope our Opposition will also raise these questions in Parliament.

Here is the Malay Mail on the subject :

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 27 — Hindustan Times claimed controversial Zakir Naik given Malaysian citizenship, complicating investigation on his terror links by Indian authorities.

citizenship had come as “package” together with his “Tokoh Maal Hijrah” in 2013.

Naik is now a Malaysian citizen the rep told Hindustan Times.

status of Zakir’s Indian citizenship unsure 

Hindustan Times claimed Zakir is holding dual citizenship

lack of info on Zakir’s location is to elude probe by India's National Investigation Agency (NIA).

Zakir M'sian citizen on Malaysian soil would complicate investigation

M'sia has not allowed any extradition to India despite signing treaty in 2010.

Indian govt imposed 5-year ban on Zakir’s NGO, Islamic Research Foundation (IRF).

India’s NIA mulling terror charges against Zakir

testimonies of 50 terror suspects, convicts 
citing the medical doctor as their motivation and source of inspiration.

India has banned IRF with immediate effect beginning Tuesday

labelling movement as an ‘unlawful organisation’.

ban enforced under India’s Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act 

approved in Indian government’s Cabinet meeting.
ban would force shutdown of all IRF offices throughout the country.

My comments : So now Zakir Naik wants to move his IRF broadcast centre (Peace TV konon) to Malaysia.

Again to the Tan Sris and Dato Sris in the Majlis Keselamatan Negara, the KDN, Immigration, etc : were you all really born stupid? Is it really a problem with your DNA? To be so stupid?  

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