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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Bersih convoy harassed, egged in Malacca

Bersih’s convoy was harassed and egged while the pro-democracy movement was promoting the Bersih 5 rally in Malacca.
The convoy was supposed to cover a number of locations, namely Merlimau, Alor Gajah and Tampin, but was disrupted at two of the destinations.
Around noon time, the Bersih convoy of between 40 to 50 vehicles was met with a protest by local Umno members.
According to a Bersih-affiliated Mandarin Facebook page, they were hit by eggs by the protesters.
It also uploaded a photograph of a Bersih activist with what appeared to be smashed egg on his head.
When contacted, Bersih steering committee member Fadiah Nadwa Fikri who was part of the convoy, said the protesters attempted to detach the Bersih flags and banners from their vehicles.
“But there was no physical confrontation, just shouting, intimidation and all that,” she told Malaysiakini.
The trouble did not end there as they were again met with a protest at Alor Gajah in the evening.
“They (protesters) closed up the square we were supposed to gather at.
“They were shouting and some of them held up banners, posters and placards.
“The police also closed the road so we couldn’t pass,” she said.
Fadiah also claimed some of the Umno members bore Umno’s logo and shouted “Jews” at the Bersih convoy.
“I took their photographs and they took mine. Their mobile phone had the Umno logo,” she said.

Fadiah said the convoy was forced to proceed to their next destination in Tampin.
“In Tampin everything was fine. We passed the Bersih torch to the Negri Sembilan team,” she said.
The convoy was part of a nationwide roadshow to promote the Nov 19 rally.
The Bersih 5 rally, among others, will urge the resignation of Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak over the 1MDB scandal.
Bersih 5 快讯
19 hours ago
马六甲净火车队在 Merlimau 遇到红衣党阻扰,并向车队成员丢掷鸡蛋!他们的干扰并不能阻止我们前进,我们将继续把Bersih 5 的诉求传播给各个地区的人民!

- Mkini

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