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Saturday, November 5, 2016

Jamal and red-shirts dump rubbish from protest at Malaysiakini's gate

Sungai Besar Umno chief Jamal Md Yunos and his followers have dumped several bags of rubbish generated from their rally at Malaysiakini's doorsteps.
Initially, the rubbish was left strewn along the road leading to PJ51 Business Park after the rally had ended at about 4pm.
Some of the red-shirts then came back later about two hours later to clean up. They then proceeded to pile it up at Malaysiakini's front gate.
Jamal, addressing Malaysiakini staff from outside, said the red-shirts were a responsible lot.
"I want to let you all know, we are responsible people.
"We have collected the trash and we are leaving them here.
"This proves that we have collected our trash, thank you," he said, before leaving.
Several police personnel kept watch during the incident.
Bags removed as evidence
About 40 minutes later, a group of police personnel removed the rubbish bags. One police personnel said the bags were needed for evidence.
Earlier today, some 700 red-shirts protested outside Malaysiakini's office, questioning its source of funding.

There was a brief standoff between the police and the red-shirts but they eventually withdrew and dispersed.
Jamal claimed the protest drew 10,000 people and that he did not make good on his promise to tear down Malaysiakini's building because they did not hit their target of 20,000 people.
At a press conference later, Malaysiakini editor-in-chief Steven Gan stressed that the news portal's editorial decisions are determined by its journalists and editors, and not investors or grant-making groups.- Mkini

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