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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

BREAKING NEWS : Trump, Putin hold first talks to discuss Syria

Here is some really good news.
  • Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin have held their first telephone call.
  • Syrian War and improving bilateral relations was the focus of discussion.
  • Obama currently leading sanctions against Russia for annexation of Crimea
  • The two leaders agreed that they share a common view on 
“uniting efforts to fight common enemy Number 1 – int'nl terrorism and extremism” 
  • Kremlin statement published on its website late Monday
  • Trump vocal critic of US involvement in Middle Eastern affairs 
  • his election campaign was : eliminate ISIS 
  • stop support for terrorists that Obama deemed 'moderate'
  • Trump & Putin agreed "constructive cooperation" develop trade, economic ties
  • agreed to remain in contact by telephone 
  • have discussed idea of meeting in person, the Kremlin said
  • Next year Russia, US celebrate 210 years of diplomatic relations
  • motivate a “reversing towards pragmatic, mutually beneficial cooperation that would satisfy the interests of both countries, promote stability and safety around the world,” the statement also says.
My comments :    Before President Kennedy (Jan 1961 - Nov 1963), Russia was Enemy No. 1 of the United States.  The Cold War was in full swing. The weapons manufacturers were laughing all the way to the slaughter house.

President Kennedy's view toward Russia was, 'We should negotiate with our enemies'.   That would have meant the end of the Cold War and the proxy hot wars.   

Soon after President Kennedy was shot dead.   The weapons manufacturers were laughing all the way to the slaughter house again.

Trump is treading the same path as Kennedy.  The CCTV cameras should be facing inwards.

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