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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Let’s help the Swiss, after all MO1 is innocent

YOURSAY | ‘There is no greater disgrace than this – the AG refusing to give cooperation to Switzerland.’
Daniel: Refusing to cooperate with a foreign investigating authority involving a company owned by the Minister of Finance Incorporated (MOF Inc) reveals more than it hides.
The chief executive officer of this company claims that 1MDB was a victim of fraud so it is baffling that the Malaysian government is not interested to get to the bottom of this multi-billion scandal.
This alone is an admission of guilt. At least one Singapore bank officer involved in a part of this alleged scam has already been found guilty and punished, while another is currently on trial.
Who were they working for or acting on behalf? You can't hide this any further because the world is already smelling the stink.
RM2.6 Billion Turkey Haram: There is no greater disgrace than this – the Malaysia attorney-general refusing to give cooperation to Switzerland on its probe on 1MDB scandal.
Can you imagine a country refusing to help another country which requested for it? Our AG is not far-sighted. It will come a day when we need urgent help, and in more likelihood, we would not get it.
Indeed, there is no end to our shameful act.
6th Generation Immigrant: A mutual legal assistance (MLA) is an official agreement between governments and it is recognised internationally.
It looks like our AG is not holding up our end of the agreement. The process of us one day being ostracised has begun - and all thanks to the AG playing goalkeeper for certain individuals, instead of for the king, country and rakyat.
The rule of law is not diminished, but totally lost in Malaysia.
Mushiro: The Malaysian AG's decision not to cooperate with the Swiss probe into 1MDB is in the best interest of PM Najib Razak.
Mohamed Apandi Ali believes that his negative decision will frustrate the Swiss and hope that they will abandon the investigation.
But the Swiss has instead decided to go ahead with the investigation with the help of other countries. Malaysia and Apandi will regret their decision.
The Mask: Apandi, first you claim you did not receive the request for MLA. And now when you confirmed that you did receive it, you said cannot cooperate. What is this?
Anonymous 1890491455255851: I seem to recall Najib saying that he wanted the 1MDB fiasco investigated. The big question is, if Najib and his government have nothing to hide, why not co-operate with the Swiss investigation?
If he believes we the public have been misled by misinformation, why not co-operate with these investigations so that the truth can prevail?
Roar For Truth: "Nothing to hide" has become "everything to hide". We are being exposed and shamed by the global community.
Roger 5201: Didn't the AG announce our 1MDB investigation is over and no crime was committed?
If international investigators need our assistance, why didn’t the AG not take this golden opportunity to come clean before the world since no we have nothing to hide.
Gaji Buta: If you think you have to depend on foreign countries to bring to justice the alleged criminals in your country, then something is seriously wrong with you or your country.
Odin Tajué: Senior lawyer Mohd Haniff Khatri Abdulla, you said that Malaysia's rejection of Switzerland's plea (it’s actually a plea and no more, a request) for mutual legal assistance for their investigations into money laundering linked to 1MDB only aroused suspicion of a cover-up.
It did not arouse suspicion, for goodness’ sake. The suspicion has been there all this while. And many factors have pointed to the fact that the cover-up is not merely a suspicion but is something real. In actual fact, then, the rejection has confirmed the suspicion beyond even a shadow of doubt.
Denying the Swiss AG's request for MLA with idiotic excuses, such as internal investigation is on-going, for which he ordered halting all such activities, is a lie, thus proving an AG is unprofessional as he did earlier agree to provide full cooperation upon request.
Aussie71: Yes, I thought all so-called investigations in Malaysia are over and done going by past news. If I'm correct, the AG is using excuses to withhold information from the Swiss.
Worldly Wise: Clearly, the government's refusal to cooperate with international law enforcement agencies to fight crime and money laundering makes Malaysia a pariah state.
The Power of the Dream: Malaysia boasts of having the best PM in the world, an unchallenged education system, a highly respectable judiciary, but second to none, an undisputed pariah failed state in the world.

This is Malaysia seeing through the eyes of ‘ketuanan Melayu’.
TimesAchanging: A country can have any kind of leader if the voters agree. Americans just voted for a racist, bigot, sexist of a man as president.
So, it's up to the people. If you think kleptocrat is fine... you got it.- Mkini

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