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Thursday, November 24, 2016


Maria Chin Abdullah and S. Ambiga have a lot to answer for.
Their crime is nothing short of the crime of treason.
Treason at common law is defined as “the crime of betraying one’s country, especially by attempting to kill or overthrow the sovereign or government”.
In order to understand the severity of the offence of treason let me quote from the US legislation on this subject which was found in the US criminal code section 2381:
“Whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States.” 
Regime change
Ambiga, Maria and the associated organisations and support groups that have worked with them towards regime change, have a moral and legal obligation to government and to their followers to disclose their sources of funding and the conditions attached to it.
They have an obligation state the purposes for which they set up Bersih and the reasons for pursuing its agenda on the streets.
They have not.
Bersih is not a spontaneous uprising by disgruntled citizens against a despotic government.
It is a deliberate and planned adventure by a group of local mercenaries funded by a foreign group, the Open Societies Foundation (OSF) amongst others.
They all have a common purpose.
That common purpose is to change governments through an undemocratic and violent process set up by US billionaire George Soros, supported by Hillary Clinton, the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and the French.
Soros has unapologetically admitted to his objects of using his enormous wealth to subjugate and to promote “privatised governments” everywhere his OSF finds an opportunity to do so.
The outcomes are ugly, bloody and destructive.
Bersih is a political party by any definition.
They have a singular purpose and stated objective – regime change.
That stated objective even if its alter ego of “free and fair elections” is to be believed is political.
Bersih a political party
That makes the organisation a political party and not a non-governmental organisation (NGO) because of its nexus to governments and its dependence on them.
In this instance these governments are the USA, the Republic of France and Australia amongst others.
OSF is one amongst the many organisations working to bring down a democratically elected government in Malaysia.
Their modus operandi includes riots, civil, disturbances, communalism, intense propaganda and disinformation, destabilisation and civil strife all outside the ballot box.
Malaysia is not the OSF’s or NED’s first or only victim.
The carnage that is Syria today, Egypt under General El Sisi, Tunisia and Algeria, the Ukraine and other devastated war torn societies living under repression are examples of what the OSF and their local surrogates aim for.
They start out with seemingly noble objectives but because they are not in full control these objectives quickly slide into an orgy of violence and mayhem leading to civil war.
The irony of Bersih’s stated aims are that it sought freer and fairer elections (meaning the elections in Malaysia are not free or fair) and regime change to enhance democracy through the most undemocratic means.
Yet to achieve their aims, they are acting on the instructions, the direction and the money of foreign powers.
In this case that power is primarily the USA, although France, Britain and Australia are all actively engaged in the destabilisation of places countries as Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.
From left - Ambiga, Soros and Maria Chin.
From left – Ambiga, Soros and Maria Chin.
Bersih’s funding
In a further irony, Ambiga the head of Bersih, a lawyer, like Maria Chin, went public in an interview on the OSF funded and owned Malaysia Kini, the online news portal, admitting to having received money from foreign sources and local sources including the Selangor government (an opposition party coalition government).
The purpose of state government monies is for development of the state and for other legitimate state business.
There is nothing in either the state or federal constitutions of Malaysia to indicate that the purpose of bringing down the federal government was a legitimate purpose to which state money can be diverted to.
No action has yet been taken by the federal government towards punishing those at state government level who gave that money to Bersih.
Ambiga and her movement were clandestinely recorded whilst abroad on more than one occasion discussing their agendas for Malaysia at the behest of various US organisations including the NED, the OSF and groups like them established by former US ambassador to Malaysia John Mallot.
Oddly enough Ambiga was the driver behind the undermining of Anwar Ibrahim’s lofty political ambitions.
It doesn’t end there.
Mallot has been invariably described by US groups as being one of a group of rogues coming out of the state department and Camp Langley Virginia.
His clandestine work out of the US embassy in Kuala Lumpur has been well documented.
His extra diplomatic activities point to a sinister networking and training of local political Trojans in preparation for an overthrow of government in Malaysia in order to replace it with a subservient client government.
Unfortunately the indolent and un-dynamic Abdullah Badawi, who was believed to have been cultivated by them during his service at the UN, aroused the suspicions of a vigilant coterie within the Barisan Nasional and Umno.
Ambiga, Maria Chin and a number of members of the Malaysian Bar and heads of so called NGOs have been recipients of over US$10 million of US funding to bring down the Malaysian government outside the ballot box, according to reliable US sources.
The Anwar Ibrahim clan themselves were recipients of very large amounts of funding from the Neo Cons in the US for the same purpose.
As for the distribution of the funds allocated to Bersih and the assortment of NGOs, there has yet to be a meaningful and in depth accounting or audit of their finances.
Disgruntled members, who once held office and worked for these NGOs, have complained bitterly of not being paid for their services.
These included a number of high profile lawyers who have acted for Anwar Ibrahim.
Sources close to Bersih and the many US funded NGOs have indicated that at least 30% of the funding has gone to undisclosed personal expenses and engagement of ‘experts’ and external consultants all with a nexus to the leadership of Bersih, the Malaysian Bar and family members of their respective leaders.
There is much anger brewing at government’s failure to take the threat of Bersih and its affiliates seriously enough.
The rot it is said had infected elements of the judiciary in Malaysia.
Whilst Ambiga remains at large, a growing restive Malay polity now joined by a growing disgruntled Indian community is beginning to emerge in opposition to the regime change brigades.
The future is not just volatile. It is downright dangerous.

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