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Thursday, November 24, 2016


Will Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, oops, I’ll write that again.
Will DATUK Tajuddin Abdul Rahman, Umno supreme council member, MP for Pasir Salak and deputy minister of agriculture and agro-based industry, apologize to the Chinese community for his antics in Parliament a few days ago?
As I write this, he has not done that as he sees himself of not doing anything wrong. Based on that, we can draw our own conclusion as far as the apology goes.
As we know Tajuddin has, in Parliament, called DAP’s MP for Seputeh Teresa Kok “the only woman with a kok”.
An uproar followed with members of the opposition protesting vehemently. But Tajuddin even taunted Kasthuri Patto, the MP for Batu Kawan, also from the DAP, by mimicking her objection in a squeaky way. As Malaysiakini puts it, “in a cartoonish way”.
And somehow deputy speaker Datuk Ronald Kiandee saw it right to “rule” that Tajuddin “was only referring to Teresa Kok’s name “.
The deputy speaker is entitled to his opinion, but to me what Tajuddin said was crude, vulgar and dirty.
I’ll borrow a line from Malaysiakini — the word “Kok” is phonetically similar to colloquial slang for male genitalia. We all know and agree with that.
Tajuddin has insulted not only the MP for Seputeh but all Chinese Malaysians with the surname “Kok”. In fact, he has insulted the entire Chinese community whatever their family names might be.
MCA’s Datin Chew Mei Fun, a deputy minister in the Najib administration, has slammed Tajuddin, saying his “boorish behavior only reflected the Umno man’s warped mental thoughts and imagery” as reported by Malay Mail Online.
“It is bad news enough already for BN that Tajuddin has carved infamy to himself with his profanities in the Dewan Rakyat in the past,” said Chew as quoted by Malay Mail Online.
Kiandee and Speaker Pandikar Amin Mulia who endorsed his decision not to order Tajuddin to withdraw his ‘Kok’ comment
Yes, we can still remember what he called DAP’s MP M. Kulasegaran in Parliament some time ago. There were many other “incidents”, not to mention the sexual innuendos which I do not intend to outline here.
Outside Parliament, Tajuddin also said a lot of nasty things, like threatening to slap the Chinese if the community took their grouses outside the country.
It was last year when China’s ambassador to Malaysia visited Petaling Street when there was communal tension with the Red Shirts’ “show of strength” in the shopping area.
That’s just on example. And now this.
In the words of Chew: “What more by a deputy minister against the family name of any Malaysian Chinese and more so with allusions over the male genitalia.”
Chew wants Tajuddin to apologize to all Chinese Malaysians as well as women folk for his demeaning insult “if he really has any curlies”.
Good for Chew. But perhaps Chew or the MCA itself should take it to the next level by bringing the matter or “complain” about Tajuddin’s behavior to Datuk Seri Najib Razak himself? Enough said lest I be accused of trying to “teach” MCA what to do, or worst, pouring oil on the fire.
But I’ll say this. Tajuddin has got away with what he has said many times before without even a slap on the wrist by his bosses. So, chances are he’s going to continue with his ways.
In 1995, Tajuddin was sacked from Umno following allegations he had paid RM6 million to secure his position as an Umno division chief, hence his “nickname” The Six Million Dollar Man.
In 1998, he was accepted back into Umno without any conditions and rose to the positions he holds today.
(Mohsin Abdullah is a freelancer who writes about this, that and everything else.)

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