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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Klang local council demolishes shrine resembling dome of a mosque

The Klang Municipal Council (MPK) demolished a shrine with a mosque-like dome in Jalan Makyong 5E/KU5, Bukit Raja near Shah Alamtoday after it was built without approval from the Klang District and Land Office.
MPK Corporate Communications director Norfiza Mahfiz said a notice was issued to the owner on Jan 24, to relocate or remove the structure but failed to do so.

"This shrine is built on government land... MPK had ordered the owner to relocate or demolish the structure, the owner had also promised to do so after Chinese New Year. However, no action was taken until last night," she said in a statement in Shah Alam.
As such, Norfiza said MPK and the district office, with the assistance of the police carried out the demolition in accordance with the Drainage and Building Act for building a structure on government land.
Previously, the structure went viral on social media after it drew a public furore as it was perceived as offensive.
- Bernama

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