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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Authorities urged to step in to end Valet Doa's 'pay per prayer'

The Fatwa Council and the Islamic Development Department (Jakim) must issue guidelines to stop individuals from "commercialising religion", said the Muslim Consumers Association (PPIM).
PPIM chief Nadzim Johan said this after entrepreneur Nasrin Harin said he will not shut down his Valet Doa service where he charges a fee to read out doa (invocations) for customers at Muslim holy sites in Mecca.
Nadzim said guidelines are needed to avoid public confusion over services like Valet Doa, which has been condemned by several mufti and Jakim.
"We need either a ban or guidelines because there are many gullible consumers," he told Malaysiakini.
"The government needs to take appropriate action or else the next thing we know, there will be businesses selling prayers for the dead. That's even more inappropriate," he said.
Pahang mufti Abdul Rahman Osman earlier advised Muslims to avoid using services like Valet Doa, while Federal Territories mufti Zulkifli Mohamad urged the shutting down of the "un-Islamic" service.

Valet Doa charges RM1,500 for doa to be read during regular prayers in Mecca, RM1,000 for doa to be read in front of the Kaabah and RM500 for the doa to be read at Masjidil Haram.
There is also an early bird offer which comes with a 50 percent discount.
The page received condemnation from netizens who poured scorn on Nasrin for allegedly "selling religion".
Nasrin said he will not shut down his business, which he believes helps those who are unable to go to Mecca- Mkini

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