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Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Despite pleas from supporters, Jamal wants to quit

Outgoing Sungai Besar Umno division chief Jamal Md Yunos is adamant about his intention to resign from his position despite pleas to reconsider from his supporters.
About 100 supporters had turned up at this residence in Ampang Jaya this afternoon to dissuade Jamal from quitting, but the latter said the decision rests with Selangor Umno chief Nor Omar, who will receive the resignation letter tomorrow.
"I am very moved by the support from Umno members. I have already made my decision and I am determined.
"Whatever the decision from the state liason committee chairperson (Noh), I will accept it," he told reporters at his home today.
Upon release from police detention yesterday, Jamal announced that he was quitting all political and NGO positions to focus on the illegal gambling business.
He was arrested after he and his men carried out raids on alleged illegal gambling centres and was investigated for alleged gang robbery.
Police had said that several people had lodged police reports on allegations that they lost their belongings because of the Jamal's raids.
Safeguarding Umno's reputation
Today, Jamal told reporters that he is stepping down because he had been implicated in gang robbery and did not want his activities to tarnish Umno's reputation.
"I don't want my reputation as an individual to be tied to the Umno party. I love Umno, the party that has done so much for this country," said Jamal.
He admitted that he may have crossed the line in his eagerness to expose illegal gambling dens, which he claimed was operating under the guise of a "family entertainment centres" licensed by local councils.
He said his group does not fault the police for arresting them and would leave it to the police to conduct investigations.

Nevertheless, he said the raids were morally responsible.
Most of Jamal's supporters, who claim that they represented Sungai Besar Umno's women's, youth and puteri divisions, sported party colours while some wore shirts which bore the words "Municipal councils, please close licensed gambling dens".
Jamal had accused Selangor and Penang of being the only states in the country which allowed gambling dens to operate under the guise of family entertainment outlet licenses.
The Selangor government had responded by stating that it was powerless to act and urged Jamal to the report illegal gambling dens to the police.- Mkini

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