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Friday, February 10, 2017

Don't ignite rocket during religious festivals, MCA tells DAP

MCA has called on DAP leaders not to indulge in politicking during religious celebrations, pointiong out that even warring nations held temporary truces for Christmas or Lunar New Year.
"Shame on you DAP. The rocket (which is DAP's logo) ought to know that religious festivities should be devoid of any political interference," said MCA religious harmony bureau chief Ti Lian Ker.
He was responding to MIC president Dr S Subramaniam claiming that the Thaipusam celebration in Penang was marred by inflammatory and provocative political speeches by Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng and his deputy P Ramasamy.
Ti, who is a MCA central committee member, claimed that it was common for DAP to do this.
"This is typical tactic of the rocket, whereby they will exploit the large numbers of worshipers who have assembled for a purpose involving their respective religion, and then start berating BN.
"The devotees participated to seek grace, spiritual cleansing and offer prayers. The last thing they need to hear is politics which is unrelated to religion," he added in a statement.
Likewise, he said tourists who were present would also be puzzled as to why Penang's chief administrator and his deputy are engaged in political criticisms which are unrelated to spirituality.
"If Lim and Ramasamy needed to be political, they could have praised the universal values of peace, goodwill, forgiveness, harmony, doing good, humility, etc which every religion preaches.
"Likewise, they could have espoused how in multiracial Malaysia, there are also Chinese and Caucasians who are Hindus and carry the kavadi too for prayers answered.
"Please DAP, let there be peace during religious festivities. Keep those political rhetoric for Parliament and state legislative assemblies," he added.
Earlier, Ramasamy accused the MIC president of bringing politics into religion by only visiting the Nattukotai Temple, which is run by foreigners, who organised the silver chariot.

In Facebook posting last night, Subramaniam related what he witnessed when visiting Penang's Waterfall Temple.
"When I entered the vicinity of the Waterfall Temple in Penang, I was welcomed not by the beautiful melodies of religious songs and hymns but by the jarring inflammatory and provocative political speeches by the chief minister and deputy chief minister of Penang," he said.
Meanwhile, Lim on his official Facebook page had written he was "pleasantly surprised" when he met Subramaniam at the temple and the two had chatted over tea.- Mkini

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