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Friday, February 17, 2017

Dr Mahathir To Support RUU355 : To Trigger Vote Of No Confidence Against MOI ?

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Sarawak chief minister reaffirms stand against hudud
Abang Jo directive to BN MPs in state to reject Hadi’s bill.
Abang Jo will repeat Adenan’s directive to BN MPs ito reject
instructed Sarawak’s 25 BN MPs to do same

stand of Tok Nan before, we will follow stand.
no hudud law in Sarawak,” said Abang Johari

bill would undermine state’s peace, multi-ethnic, multi-faith society

conflicts Malaysia Agreement 1963, which declared Sarawak secular state

opposition called on Abang Jo to “make clear and unequivocal” stand

S'wak PKR leader Baru Bian oppose bill “to ensure M'sia secular state”

Last May, Hadi moved bill to amend Act 355 to enhance punitive powers

last Dec Najib said federal government take over bill from PAS.
Hadi’s bill : shariah offences 30 years’ jail, RM100k fine, 100 rotan
Currently sentences : 3 years’ jail, RM5,000 fine and 6 rotan.

My comments : There is a theory that Tun Dr Mahathir will support the RUU355. (This is only a theory, minta maaf Tun)  The idea is to make sure that Super Stupid does table the bill.

Most certainly the Sarawak MPs and the Sabah MPs will vote against the Bill. 

There are a total of 31 Parliamentary seats in Sarawak and 25 in Sabah.  

BN has 21 seats in Sabah and 25 in Sarawak.  

The BN has 132 seats in Parliament. Muhyiddin, Shafie and a couple of other MPs are no more BN.

PAS  has only 14 seats in Parliament, after Amanah broke away.

Let us hope that the 4 MIC anna will vote against the RUU355.
Also the 7 MCA and 1 Gerakan fellow will vote against. 
So 132 BN -12 (MIC/MCA) - 25 (S'wak)  + 14 (PAS)  =   109, so the Bill will not pass, even with the all Malay UMNO vote and the all Malay PAS vote.

I have not included any of the 21 BN seats in Sabah.  8 of them are non UMNO (Kadazan/Dusun).  If we include these eight, the vote count can be 101 for the RUU355. If the Sabah UMNO guys also vote against, it will be a  bigger defeat.
There cannot be a no confidence motion (even if the Bill is defeated) because this is NOT a "no confidence motion" and neither is it the Federal Budget. It is RUU355.

But the country will be split.  
The BN also will be split.   
And the BN will lose the PRU14. 
For sure. 

It will be the first time that BN component parties will vote against a BN bill !!

This will seal Moron's slot in the history of the Malays as the stupidest prime minister ever to have led them. Stupidest ever. Dumb a$$, dumb sh_t.

It may trigger Anifah Aman to resign after all. Plus maybe a few other UMNO and BN Ministers may quit.

If Anifah Aman resigns, plus say two or three more Cabinet Ministers, the Cabinet revolt will at last break into the open.  From what I hear folks, there is serious undercurrent in the Cabinet. Tak begitu sdr Nur Jazlan? You spoke to some people over Christmas. Just waiting for that trigger.

So should Tun Dr Mahathir support the RUU355? (He is not an MP ok). 

And even if the RUU355 is watered down (another theory), it is still RUU355.  

There is little downside risk for Dr Mahathir. 
He is not an MP ok.
If the idea is to be rid of Stupid, the upside looks  pretty interesting.

But Hadi is more stupid than Super Stupid.  They need the PAS support, no matter what. So why not float the RUU355? 

If it is defeated, they can tell PAS, "We tried our best. Lets stick together anyway". 

The real target in this whole charade maybe just to liwat PAS. 

As the stomach churns. 

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