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Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Egg on Ku Nan’s face over ‘Malay sidelined in Penang’ charge

YOURSAY | ‘Politicians are good in manipulating words.’
Anonymous_1419577444: Federal Territories Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, if all races are sidelined, that means no one is being given special favour, so what's the problem?
And if all races are being sidelined, what creature is being given preference?
Sometimes, it is best to keep quiet so that people would not know how stupid a person is.
Longyan Ren: According to Tengku Adnan, all races in Penang have been sidelined by the current state government, so we need to turn Penang into a federal territory so that everyone will henceforth be well taken care of by the federal government.
Just wondering, why do have 13 states in Malaysia in the first place?
Patriot1: A typical BN minister speaking in riddles with vague statements that can be interpreted in different ways to suit his convenience.
Why don't you ask the Penang people for their opinion?
Wake Up: Politicians are good in manipulating with words. They excel in carrying out 'test marketing' with their ridiculous statements.
The moment the people react negatively, they would then change the 'offer' or position themselves differently.
Mushiro: This is a real example of 'endless possibilities'. But a sickening one.
Tengku Adnan can really go on and on to show the qualities of a minister from an Umno university.
Anticonmen: Tengku Adnan, just focus on Kuala Lumpur. So many homeless people sleeping on sidewalks. Stinking drains. Insufficient parking places. Dirty eateries, backlanes.
Insufficient food outlets. Illegal stalls. Unhygienic food preparation, rats, vandalism. Clogged drains. Broken tiles on sidewalks, and potholes everywhere.
Thana55: Tengku Adnan, why aren't the elected representatives in charge of the federal territory of Kuala Lumpur?
The current state of affairs is illegal with Putrajaya making decisions when there are elected reps for KL. It’s time to take FT back from Putrajaya and let the duly-elected reps run KL.
Do not give the bulls**t that Malays are neglected. On the contrary, the opposition-run states do a better job in helping Malays compared to Umno-run states.
Goldee: Penang Malays are neglected not due to Pakatan Harapan's doing. Penang Malays were left high and dry when the state was ruled by the previous government for 50 years.
Despite two terms, Pakatan Harapan under DAP have done much more than Gerakan in elevating the status of Penang Malays. If Penang Malays were neglected, it was the fault of Umno/BN.
AntiRacial: Tengku Adnan, you became laughing stock now. See what happens to your statement, which you did with the intention to please your master.
You tried to recapture Penang using the lowest-level dirty tricks. Your statement has backfired on BN government, the previous Gerakan government and yourself when the Penang government, developers and NGOs release facts to show how much Penang government under opposition have done for Penang people, especially for Penang Malays.
Now you look very stupid in everyone’s eyes. You know you are not intelligent enough, so why not keep your mouth shut?
Gotcha: The Penang government should take necessary steps to sue him in court for defaming the administration.
Simple Malaysian: Ku Nan's statements were meant as smokescreen to the ever-increasing pressure on the government to defend 1MDB and its many related scandals.
Anonymous_1388029052: He is the MP of the smallest parliamentary seat in the country (Putrajaya) - with only a 15,000 electorate. If he's that great and popular, he should contest for a multiracial seat in KL.
FellowMalaysian: Penang CM Lim Guan Eng (LGE) has thrown down the gauntlet and has openly and irrevocably challenged Tengku Adnan to a debate on a serious topic which was mooted by Ku Nan's himself a couple of days ago.
The debate will provide an excellent ground for him to present his excellent idea of turning Penang into a federal territory and also to tell LGE right in his face why his proposal is such a wonderful idea.
If Ku Nan refused to accept to debate LGE by giving all kinds of excuses, then the rakyat will know that this 'fake' FT minister is not even prepared to defend himself.
How much then can we trust him if he failed to defend himself; his sincerity and dedication in his duty as the FT minister will be immediately called to question.
CQ Muar: Tengku Adnan, if you have the balls, accept Guan Eng's open challenge. Don't shame your party Umno by declining or not responding to LGE's invitation.
Come on, be a man and prove to us you're worthy of our support as a top leader in government. Otherwise stop making a fool of yourself.

Anonymous_40f4: What, debate Tengku Adnan? He is a third-rate politician. He doesn’t know how to debate. He only can spread slander on TV3 against the opposition.- Mkini

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