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Sunday, February 12, 2017

I drive a Proton Saga, PAS leader refutes RM90m claim

It is unlikely that PAS had received a windfall of RM90 million, as claimed by ex-party veep Husam Musa, since its spiritual leader drives a Proton Saga and lives in a home worth only RM60,000.
This is the explanation given by the party's spiritual leader Hashim Jasin, when asked by reporters on the claim made by Husam, who is now Amanah's Salor assemblyperson.
"I am driving a (Proton) Saga. If we had RM90 million, I won't be driving only a Saga. I think this answers the question.
"My house is worth RM50,000 to RM60,000 only. If PAS had RM100 million (sic), I could have even built three swimming pools," he told reporters after a PAS convention at Ampang Jaya today.
Husam recently said he has information that PAS received RM90 million from suspect sources, including the bank account which the funds was channelled into.
When asked today, PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang said Husam was just courting a defamation suit.
PAS deputy president Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man on Friday said Husam's claim is only a continuation of the alleged defamation by London-based website Sarawak Report.
PAS in December sent a legal letter to Sarawak Report but has yet to file a lawsuit.
Meanwhile, PAS Youth exco member Ahmad Fadhli Shaari challenged Husam to expose the name of the alleged PAS leader who received the funds.

"That individual (referred to by Husam) could have already been sacked from the party over some misconduct or left the party to bring a seat he won to another party," he said.
"There are many PAS leaders from the central level all the way to divisions.
"It's not possible for PAS to check one by one to see if the RM90 million even existed," he said in a Facebook posting.
He said without naming the individual, Husam was simply "playing tricks" and trying to prolong his dying political career.- Mkini

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