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Thursday, February 2, 2017


Chinese are not only extremely good in business but can survive in the harshest environment. Manila’s Chinatown, founded in 1594 by Spanish Governor Luis Pérez Dasmariñas for Chinese immigrants, is the oldest Chinatown in the world. Almost every major city on planet Earth has a Chinatown – from Asia to Europe to United States.
One of the contributing factors which make Chinese not only able to survive but prosper in foreign soils is their fearsome characteristic – hardworking. But it’s this same skill that makes them the target of other lazy races. Jealous of the “rich and hardworking” Chinese migrants in France, the streets of Paris have erupted into inter-migrants war.
Last year alone (2016), police in France recorded more than 200 attacks on Chinese immigrants from hostile migrant gangs, especially the gangs of North African. While everyone was stunned when 1,000+ Arab and North African migrants launched a mass robbery, molest, rape and sexual assault in Cologne, Germany, last year, something else happened in Paris.
France’s ethnic Chinese population have long suffered casual racism and been stereotyped as easy targets for crime. Estimated at more than 600,000 people, France has Europe’s largest Chinese community. Like British Chinese, French Chinese claim that racist comments toward them are normally tolerated. But they have now reached breaking point.
African Migrants in France 
Thanks to Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel and President of France Francois Hollande, migrants from North Africa have taken advantage of both leaders’ naivety and become “too demanding”. Consider themselves special guests of Merkel and Hollande, these migrants project themselves as “victims” who deserve pity and privilege.
Driven by a perception that Chinese people are weak, will not fight back and carry a lot of cash, a gang of African migrants had robbed a pair of young children under 10 years old and threatened them with a knife. In August last year, a Chinese man was killed in the Paris suburb of Aubervilliers after being attacked during a botched robbery.
French Chinese Demanding For End Of Racist Violence in France
The death of the 49-year-old Chinese tailor – Zhang Chaoling – had triggered a demonstration by thousands of angry Chinese immigrants, who cried “Liberte, egalite, fraternite” (“liberty, equality, fraternity”), demanding police protection. Community workers claim many muggings are committed by members of other minorities living in the area, generally of Arab or African origin.
“At first it was just stealing bags, then it was stealing bags with violence, and now it’s stealing bags and killing. It could happen to anyone,” – 31-year-old Wang Yunzhou told Reuters. Aubervilliers also happens to be a heavily Muslim suburb where the Muslims have been robbing, extorting money from businesses, physically attacking, and killing Chinese immigrants.
Chinese Restaurant in France 
Unlike the North African who are lazy and poor, Chinese community in Paris has gained a reputation for being “hard-working and managing without taxpayer help”. But the North African migrants aren’t impressed with the Chinese, and have complained that they have become “too rich”. Adding salt into injury, the French police have largely refused to intervene.
When asked, a North African said – “The Chinese have become too rich in France. That’s not fair. They have nice clothes and big cars.” Guylain Chevrier, a French sociologist, said the pattern quickly emerged following the refugee wave last year. Mr. Chevrier claimed that French authorities deliberately took soft approach toward the North Africans, whom are Muslims.
Arabs and Africans in France Complain - The Chinese Have Become Too Rich
Mr. Chevrier said – “The Chinese community is thought to be a community where things go well, where people manage on their own. This is compared to other immigrants who are much more demanding and consider themselves as victims.” But what could be the real reason that the Chinese are consistently being bullied by the North African migrants?
Back in 2013, news magazine Marianne reported that Muslim immigrants felt humiliated by the economic dynamism of the Chinese, despite them being minority. The Arab and North African were harassing and attacking Chinese traders, who were increasingly subject to robberies and extortion. The French authorities offered a solution – the Chinese should hire more Arabs and Africans.
Arab and North African Muslims Hate Hardworking Chinese 
However, the Chinese argued that Muslims (Arabs and Africans) do not work as hard as the Chinese, that they are more demanding, not to mention complain too much. Others said the Muslims in France aren’t ashamed of living off welfare, and they’re proud they can manipulate the system. But more importantly, the French Muslims have a compelling reason to rob the French Chinese.
French Muslims justified that it was fair to rob the “rich Chinese” because it was an informal extraction of Jizyah, the traditional tax on non-Muslims. British Anjem Choudary said – “We are on Jihad Seekers Allowance, we take the Jizyah (protection money paid to Muslims by non-Muslims) which is ours anyway. The normal situation is to take money from the non-Muslims.”
Rich French Chinese Are Targeted by Lazy North Africans
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