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Friday, February 10, 2017

In resigning, Jamal throws ball into Umno’s court

YOURSAY | ‘There's so much at stake for him - money for one. If he quits, he loses everything.’
Ericomc: Surely Jamal Mohd Yunos loves Umno because it has done so much for him.
Well, at the end of the day, this Umno drama will end with Selangor Umno chief Noh Omar saving Jamal from embarrassment and rejecting his resignation letter.
Then Jamal will call another news conference to announce his retraction with shouts of "God is great" from his ‘macais’ (underlings).
Just a Malaysian: After a few public stunts, Jamal initially received praises from the Selangor Umno leadership. Remember the standing ovation at Wanita Umno meeting?
As moronic as he is, Jamal got carried away and does the ‘towel’, ‘beds and ice cream’ and finally ‘crime buster ala Batman’ antics.
Malays are basically gentle and courteous and don’t like such gross public display. Therefore, when Umno starts to take action, such as throwing him into lock-up for alleged gang robbery, our self-appointed ‘pahlawan Melayu’ (Malay warrior) feels betrayed.
So, we have this little childish tantrum. Grow up, Jamal, and stop embarrassing your race and religion.
Discerning Reader: If Jamal's supporters are asking him to stay despite of his action, which is illegal and detrimental to the image of Umno, the party has no hope in the future as it is perceived to be ill-repute from top to bottom.
Slumdog: Just look at the faces of Jamal’s supporters; real simpletons and clueless. They appear to have abandoned their moral compass.
For someone who is a representative of Umno, he has been a serial pest, appeared completely untouchable by the law and showed a total lack of decorum.
How he can be idolised by his vacuous supporters is baffling to say the least.
Democrat: My analysis - Umno leaders want him out as he has already been rewarded for his antics. They realise that even Umno members and leaders are worried of the negative effect he has on BN. People just hate him.
Doc: Noooo! Please do not quit your Sungai Besar Umno division chief post, Jamal. Umno needs heroes like you who champion the party’s ideals, especially in allegedly promoting racism.
The opposition needs you because you are making Umno looks bad in the eyes of the Malaysian people with your public acts of stupidity.
And the Malaysian people need you to provide comedy relief at a time when they face their darkest hour under the Najib administration.
Anonymous_1371550919: Jamal, if you really think what you did is right, why quit? Carry on as before and up the ante.
After all, you are a good representation of many Umno members and leaders (maybe they are slightly smarter than you for whatever they do, they do it quietly).
Ib: Yes, please don't leave Umno. The opposition parties need you. You are the essence of what Umno today represents.
Umno also needs you. You are the best distraction from that big scandal that has no answer.
6th Generation Immigrant: Jamal is a comedian doing a choreographed piece for the uncaring audience of Malaysia.
What's even funnier is that he has 100 backroom supporters for his comedic gigs, these 100 supporters are basically dependents of Jamal - he quits and they are also out of jobs.
When you undertake a good deed, you do it with no expectations of any returns, the people will come out naturally in full force to offer support.
It’s a wonder why you need backroom support to announce your resignation. This is a comedy of errors throughout. Jamal knew no willing or ready support is available for his shows.
Anonymous 2443871479002035: I bet my last ringgit, this clown will not quit. He just wants attention and for people to "beg" him to stay.
There's so much at stake for him - money for one. He quits, and he loses everything. This is just a ‘sandiwara’ (show), which we have grown used to among the Umno politicians.
Roger 5201: Jamal's letter said he had to resign in order to not tarnish the party's good name.
What good name? Jamal should apologise for single-handedly bringing disrepute to Umno and using this resignation as an excuse for starting an illegal gambling den.
Jamal, where is your integrity and principle?
Anonymous 539281478077880: This looks like a case of "good riddance to bad rubbish".
With him around; he took matters into his own hands and did things that brought shame to the party; hoping he would be praised by the top brass of Umno.
It was only a "short lived glory" that put him in the limelight for his stupid behaviour.
Clever Voter: The unacceptable behaviour displayed by this man epitomise what his party stands for.
For every Jamal, there are easily another three are more of such characters. A typical opportunist, a rent-seeker, and an ultra-right wing are the red flags. Coincidentally, it’s the colour he chose.

Anonymous #44199885: He will be sorely missed by Wanita Umno, who had garlanded him a hero.- Mkini

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