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Thursday, February 16, 2017


Yesterday, Kit Siang lamented that DAP’s Red Bean Army has been defeated by Najib’s Boffin Boys. What took ten years to develop was demolished in just two years. So DAP now no longer monopolises the internet like it used to.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
In his blog posting yesterday (Most ambitious “Black Ops” to destroy DAP in four decades, involving Ministers and the Prime Minister himself), Lim Kit Siang admitted that DAP’s Red Bean Army (RBA) has been beaten at its own game. What was most noticeable about yesterday’s blog posting was that this was probably the shortest posting in Kit Siang’s 50-year political career.
Just to digress a bit, it seems some of the key players in the RBA have left because they were not being paid enough like when DAP’s Black Ops first started in 2004. Soon after the 2004 general election disaster (for the opposition that is: because Barisan Nasional won about 91% of the seats in Parliament), the opposition started its internet war or shifted the political campaign to the cyber-world.
This escalated in 2008 when Pakatan Rakyat (or rather DAP) won Penang and they suddenly had access to large sums of  money. They also now ‘owned’ Komtar which they could use to house the RBA operation. At the height of the operation, DAP was employing thousands of cyber-troopers whose job was to flood the internet with negative postings about the government, Barisan Nasional, Umno, the Malays, Islam, and so on.
Basically it was the same strategy that the anti-Shah operatives used to bring down the Shah of Iran and install an Islamic Republic that saw more than a million deaths during the Islamic Revolution of Iran and the nine-year Iran-Iraq War that followed it. The only thing is that in the 1970s they used cassette tapes while today they use the Internet — different methods but same strategy and objectives.
In fact, 2004 was also when Malaysia Today started life (on 13th August 2004). And the objective was to shift the media campaign from the mainstream media to the alternative or social media.
Ironically, in Kit Siang’s blog posting yesterday, he said:
We are seeing the most ambitious “black ops” operation by the UMNO/BN leaders and propagandists to destroy the DAP in four decades, employing the triple politics of fear, hate and lies, involving Ministers and even the Prime Minister himself.
This is like a prostitute calling another woman a whore. It was DAP that started the whole operation in 2004, which ‘exploded’ in 2008 when DAP suddenly ‘owned’ Penang and with it lots of money. And now DAP is merely getting a taste of its own medicine. Somehow, though, Kit Siang does not like the taste of his own medicine, which was the reason for his blog posting yesterday.
Kit Siang is lamenting that Umno is not playing fair. Umno is not following the rules. Since when does DAP care about fairness and rules? To DAP it has always been about the end justifying the means. It can one day announce that Pakatan Rakyat has been closed down and DAP does not want to have anything to do with PAS and the next day announces that PAS has betrayed the opposition by leaving Pakatan Rakyat.
DAP (or Kit Siang in particular) can condemn Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for 30 years and then embrace him as the de facto opposition leader and the man anointed by God to ‘save Malaysia’ — contradicting Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail that Anwar Ibrahim is God’s gift to Malaysia.
Kit Siang can tell PKR that Anwar is DAP’s candidate for Prime Minister should Pakatan Harapan win the next general election and then tell Mahathir that DAP supports Mukhriz for PM.
Kit Siang then told PAS that if they support Dr Wan Azizah instead of Azmin Ali as the new Selangor Menteri Besar then PAS would receive RM100 million ‘financial help’ while DAP will also receive RM100 million to fund the Sarawak State Elections. When PAS did not agree to the deal, Tony Pua ‘leaked’ information to a certain Mat Salleh blogger that Umno has given PAS RM90 million.
Husam Musa, who had received RM10 million funding from  a certain director of Genting, then accused PAS of receiving RM90 million from Umno. And the reason he did this was so that PAS could sue him and then he can use that as the excuse to not contest the next general election. Husam knows that if he contests the general election he is going to lose so better he saves face by not contesting.
Actually, if Kit Siang wants to talk about Black Ops, we, too, can say a lot about it. Since 2004 DAP was doing this and it intensified in 2008. For ten years from 2004 to 2014 DAP has been monopolising the air waves. Then, in February 2015, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s Boffin Boys decided that enough is enough and they started to hit back. That was exactly two years ago. And in two years Najib’s Boffin Boys demolished what took DAP ten years to develop.
And that is what really upset Kit Siang, as you may have noticed from his blog posting yesterday. For ten years from 2004 to 2014 DAP developed its Red Bean Army cyber-trooper operation. And in just two years, from February 2015 to February 2017, Najib’s Boffin Boys demolished their operation. And Kit Siang has more or less conceded defeat in his blog posting yesterday.

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