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Saturday, February 4, 2017

MACC: Let us scrutinise PSD asset declarations

The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission is seeking access to asset declarations made by civil servants as part of its effort to combat graft.
MACC deputy chief commissioner (operations) Azam Baki who said the anti-graft body has made its request to the Public Service Department, which collects such documents.
"We are working on it with the PSD, which is the custodian of the asset declaration data," said Azam, in an interview with New Sunday Times.
"If we have access to this database, we can carry out our own intelligence and monitor certain people, including those holding critical positions in the government."
According to Azam, the law currently does not allow the authorities to initiate any investigation without a "first information report" on a suspected crime had taken place.
"Technically, we cannot investigate anyone solely based on suspicions or without any information or complaint.
"If a civil servant is living beyond his means, it only indicates that he or she may have committed an offence," he said.
Meanwhile, Azam conceded it would be "ridiculous" to think that the MACC would have resources to monitor all 1.6 million civil servants, and as such the onus would also be on the heads of department to monitor their staffs and assets.

To recap major incidents for January, Azam cited seven high profile arrests, six individuals being charged, three ongoing investigations and three acquittals.
This includes the arrest of the Rural and Regional Development ministry secretary-general Mohd Arif Ab Rahman, who was detained on Jan 4 together with his two sons for alleged corruption and abuse of power.
All three were remanded for seven days from Jan 5. Investigators sized more than RM5 million in cash and gold bars from Mohd Arif's home.- Mkini

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