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Saturday, February 11, 2017


Why did Mahathir meet Anwar in court and what was the 45-minute discussion all about? Why did Azmin announce that a Cabinet Minister is about to resign? What did Tengku Adnan announce that Penang should be annexed and turned into Federal Territory? Everything is interconnected and they are all tied to just one issue: the RCI to investigate Bank Negara’s bankruptcy 25 years ago.
Raja Petra Kamarudin
Two days ago Malaysia Today published an article titled ‘Mahathir panics and is trying to torpedo the RCI’. In that article we mentioned:
Today, I got insider information that Mahathir is panicking and is trying to torpedo that investigation — or the Royal Commission of Inquiry (RCI) that may be set up to undertake the investigation. Mahathir knows that it will not take too much probing and digging for the truth to emerge because Murad and Tajudin Ramli have both already opened their mouths. All they need to do is to say, again, what they have already said in front of a commission of inquiry.
Mahathir has asked one of this loyalists in the Cabinet, Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor, and another Cabinet Minister, to lobby the other Cabinet Ministers to try to torpedo the RCI. The setting up of the RCI to investigate the Bank Negara scandal must not happen because if it does then Mahathir and Daim are dead ducks. (READ MORE HERE)
Tengku Adnan is the strongest critic of the RCI to investigate Bank Negara’s bankruptcy
This whole thing was in response to the news, ‘Cabinet may re-open investigations into Bank Negara RM44b forex loss, says Khairy’, which said:
The government is considering the possibility of re-opening investigation into the alleged loss of RM44 billion incurred by Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) through foreign exchange trading from 1991 to 1993.
Youth and Sports Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said this possibility was raised at the Cabinet meeting today, besides the need to obtain confirmation on whether there was a cover-up of the scandal by certain individuals. (READ MORE HERE)
Tengku Adnan knew that the Cabinet was going to discuss this matter so, before the issue becomes ‘hot news’, he quickly threw in a red herring to distract everyone by announcing that Penang should be annexed and turned into Federal Territory (Tengku Adnan hopes to expand Federal Territories to Penang, Langkawi and parts of Malacca). So now nobody is talking about the news regarding the Cabinet reopening investigations into the US$10 billion FOREX scandal that practically bankrupted Bank Negara. Instead the Penang story is the hot issue and which triggered outrage.
Selangor Menteri Besar Azmin Ali then weighed in and ‘revealed’ that a Minister is going to resign from the Cabinet and said it is because the Minister no longer wants to be associated with the 1MBD matter. This is what they all say when they resign. They cannot, of course, tell the truth about why they are resigning. So they say it is due to 1MDB because this makes them appear noble and principled.
After the revelation two days ago that Mahathir was using a Cabinet Minister to try to torpedo the RCI to be set up to investigate the Bank Negara bankruptcy, they had to abandon that plan because the cat was now out of the bag. And that was why Mahathir went to meet Anwar Ibrahim in court yesterday. Mahathir wants Anwar to work with him to conceal the truth in the event the RCI is set up.
Mahathir stressed that Anwar also has something to lose if the RCI investigates this matter. While Mahathir may have been guilty of fraud, Anwar was guilty of lying to Parliament. So Anwar is equally guilty of this crime. He is an accessory to fraud and those concealing a crime are also guilty of the crime.
If Mahathir and Daim go down Anwar is going to go down with them
Hence it is to Anwar’s interest as well that the truth is not revealed. And that means Mahathir and Anwar have to tell the same story and there should be no contradictions so that they can cover each other’s backs. If Mahathir says one thing and Anwar says another then their story would be demolished.  And that was what the 45 minute meeting in court was all about.
Mahathir also wants Anwar to try to convince Abdul Murad Khalid, the former Assistant Governor of Bank Negara, to do a U-turn and retract his story. The US$10 billion disaster story had actually remained dormant for 24 years — other than Lim Kit Siang barking and foaming at the mouth for more than 20 years, just like Tony Pua still barking and foaming at the mouth regarding 1MDB. Recently, however, Murad came out to reveal the truth that had been concealed these last 24 years and even Kit Siang was taken by surprise.
Kit Siang
Kit Siang; barking and foaming at the mouth for more than 20 years and now silent
But Kit Siang had just made a deal with Mahathir in December last year that if Pakatan Harapan wins the next general election then Mukhriz would become the Prime Minister with him (Kit Siang) as the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister. And that was why Kit Siang went berserk at the recent press conference when the reporter asked him about his stand on the Bank Negara bankruptcy. Kit Siang shouted at the reporter and said that his stand remains the same and he has not done a U-turn.
Kit Siang knows that the timing is very bad. He cannot afford for this matter to surface at this point of time. He has been talking about this for more than 20 years and has condemned both Mahathir and Anwar about it for so long. Now that the matter has resurfaced with new evidence, Kit Siang cannot jump on the bandwagon and start whacking Mahathir and Anwar all over again. But then if he remains silent his hypocrisy will be very visible. Both ways Kit Siang is a dead man walking.
This must be the worst time in Kit Siang’s 50 years political career. The RCI will definitely be held and the truth behind Bank Negara’s bankruptcy is going to be revealed. Kit Siang has been the prime crusader of the Bank Negara scandal since 1993. To keep quiet now with new evidence surfacing is going to kill his political career. However, to pick this issue up again and condemn Mahathir and Anwar is also political suicide, not just for him but for DAP as well.
If Karpal Singh were still alive he would condemn both Mahathir and Anwar and would tell DAP and Pakatan Harapan to not work with these two hypocrites who have done so much damage to the country. Unfortunately, however, Karpal is dead so it is now left to his sons to carry the torch. But will his sons do that or will his sons not dare go against the father-and-son Lims who have absolute say in DAP?
I suspect the late Karpal’s sons will cower in the corner like frightened mice. Other than Karpal no one else in DAP dare oppose the two Lims. So the RCI will go on, and the truth will surface, and Kit Siang and Son Sendirian Berhad a.k.a. DAP will remain silent and will pretend that nothing is going on.
The only hope, therefore, is that Anwar can successfully buy off Murad and convince him to do a U-turn. If Murad can retract his story then everything is demolished and Mahathir and Anwar will be saved, as would be Kit Siang and DAP as well. If not then Mahathir, Anwar, Kit Siang and DAP are going to suffer big-time in the next general election — and if they can walk away with even 70 parliament seats they are very lucky.
Murad Ahmad
Murad has just revealed new and damaging evidence that was kept concealed these last 24 years
Today, Tony Pua is again barking and foaming at the mouth regarding 1MDB. He is trying to distract Malaysians from the Bank Negara matter. Most Malays, however, regard Tony as Cina gila. Malays no longer care about what Tony says. And, according to DAP, 95% of the Chinese are going to vote opposition. So what is Tony trying to achieve? Is he trying to increase the Chinese votes from 95% to to 95.1%?
Tony may be Kit Siang’s sifu or tok guru, as what Kit Siang said to Salleh Said Keruak. But Tony knows nothing about the law of diminishing returns. It is almost like the Boston Theory where you need to double your effort to gain just an additional 10%. And once you reach peak then the law of diminishing returns say you can never go beyond this peak even at whatever cost and effort.
So there you have it. If Tony is hoping to sway the Malays that is never going to happen. And how many more Chinese can he sway? And this is why Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and his Boffin Boys are shrewder than the Pakatuns and DAPsters. They deploy their resources to where it matters and not pour salt into the ocean hoping to make it salty like what the Pakatuns and DAPsters do.
People ask me why I support Najib? Simple, I would like to believe I am an intelligent person so I want to work with intelligent people. The Pakatuns and DAPsters are downright idiots and I resent stupidity. In fact, I get very upset with idiots and that is why I am very abrasive with them. I wish we had a law where idiots can be rounded up and put to death so that Malaysia can be rid of them, even if Malaysia’s 30 million population gets reduced to only 10 million.

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