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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Malaysia reaches for the moon, no, really, the real moon

It's just rocket science and we'll know in two months or so if the team from here can land a rover on the moon.
PETALING JAYA: Today, warming up space with a little teh tarik is no longer the aim of the game.
That was 10 years ago when Malaysia sent its first astronaut into space and then changed its mind about asking him to make teh tarik there.
Now Team Independence-X, the only Malaysian and regional team in the Google Lunar XPrize competition, is aiming to eclipse four other groups in the race to land a rover on the moon.
It’s a case of rocket science – the teams must launch a robotic probe by the end of the year. After landing on the moon, the robot must travel 500 metres while sending high-definition video images back to Earth.
Independence-X has been working on the project for about nine years so far, according a report in The Star today.
Final tests will take place in Malaysia and the US, between April and June.
The prize? US$20 million (RM89 million).
The Star said today that Independence-X is partnering with US team Synergy Moon for the final lap of the contest.
Although the rocket has been outsourced to the US team, Independence-X says the lunar landing module will feature the Malaysian team’s branding, names and logo, as well as the Malaysian flag.
There was no word on whether they plan to serve teh tarik there. -FMT

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