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Sunday, February 5, 2017

More than 300 arrested at cockfight gathering

Those arrested, including a retired politician with a ‘Datuk’ title, will be investigated for cruelty to animals.
FMT,-Malaysia,-Sarawak,-cockfight,-Mazlan-Mansor,-police-raid,-Kota-Samarahan,-cruelty-to-animalsKUCHING: More than 300 men, including a retired politician, were arrested after police raided the largest cockfight gathering on record in Kota Samarahan on Sunday.
The Sarawak criminal investigation department said it conducted its biggest gambling raid at the suburban town located about 30km southeast of Kuching.
A total of 326 men, who were in the pit during the raid, were arrested. It is understood that among them was a retired politician who carries the honorific ‘Datuk’ title.
In addition, 21 live fighting cocks, three dead cockerels, spurs, gambling chips and cash were also seized.
Those arrested were taken to the Kota Samarahan district police headquarters for questioning, said state Police Commissioner Mazlan Mansor in a statement.
Those arrested are being investigated for cruelty to animals. -FMT

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