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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Mustapa: Gov't helps bear Kelantan's expenditure deficit

The federal government has been assisting Kelantan in bearing its management expenditure deficit by giving grants to the state government.
State's Federal Action Council chairperson Mustapa Mohamed said today that the state government was definitely facing weaknesses, especially in the financial aspect, however, the federal government was assisting it based on the spirit of federalism.
"The giving of such grants is a must under the Federal Constitution," he said, adding that Kelantan was among the states which received a lot of assistance from the federal government.
He was earlier asked by reporters to comment on Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng calling Kelantan a failed and bankrupt state after being ruled by PAS, which Lim also called a failed party.
Mustapa said there existed weaknesses, whether in the federal government or state governments including Kelantan and Penang, but the action that should be taken was overcoming the weaknesses.
"(In Penang), many bumiputera are sidelined as they (the state government) do not build enough low-cost houses that many have moved to the mainland. This is its failure which the Penang state government should admit and correct," he said.
Earlier, Mustapa who is also International Trade and Industry Minister, attended a Town Hall programme on current issues with federal department and agency heads in Pengkalan Chepa in Kota Baru.
He said the dialogue programme would be extended statewide to explain current issues to the people including public servants so that they would not be influenced by those out to slander the government.
Also present were Rural and Regional Development Deputy Minister Ahmad Jazlan Yaakub and Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister's Department Dr Asyraf Wajdi Dusuki.

Asyraf Wajdi, meanwhile, reminded the public to be wary of information they received from the social media on halal status.
He said many halal status issues had been recycled although the Malaysia Islamic Development Department (Jakim) had replied to these issues raised earlier.
He added that people should first verify the information they received and not to disseminate it to others without verification.

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