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Thursday, February 16, 2017

Najib’s duplicitous on practising moderation

YOURSAY | ‘The only time they go to extremes is when it allegedly comes to self-enrichment.’
Slumdog: The rakyat have every reason to cringe at the duplicity shown by PM Najib Razak in his speech at the 2017 Chinese New Year Malaysia Open House at Bentong Square.
Other commentators here have provided several examples of his failures at advocating his so-called concept of moderation.
Najib must have a poor memory or elects to ignore the frequent extremist behaviour and actions towards non-Malays by him and Umno supporters.
Norman Fernandez: Really, Najib? Let's be honest. You just read out a prepared text and that too to a non-Muslim audience.
You really meant what you said? I doubt it.
Anonymous_1371458513: Najib, don't talk about moderation, just tell us where and who has pocketed the RM570 million - the difference from the amount in your Ambank account when attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali said that RM2.03 billion was returned to the donor (not the Arab royalty but Tanore Finance in Singapore owned by your friend, Jho Low).
Hearty Malaysian: Yes, some people accept billions of ringgit in ‘donation’ but pretend to practice moderation and say it is not corruption.
The Analyser: Najib is right. Moderate Islam, moderate efficiency, moderate services to the public, moderately clever politicking, moderate repression of the opposition, moderate intelligence, moderate common sense.
The only time they go to extremes is when it allegedly comes to self-enrichment.
Anonymous 2408551459232350: That your mouthpiece ran a headline, printed in bold, "Apa lagi Cina mau?", one of your division leader shouted "Cina, balik Tongsan", some goons dragged a cow head to protest against a Hindu temple, the brother of your police chief lead a mob to dismantle a cross from a church, just to name a few, are considered ‘moderation’?
Vijay47: With all the turmoil and challenges we are facing, Najib, it is comforting and assuring that you remind us that Malaysia under Umno practises moderation.
As a humble gesture of my appreciation, I would like to invite you and Madam Rosmah Mansor to a humble party at McDonald’s. I shall bring a cake, a large one.
Anonymous 2251681440225523: The weak in courage is strong in cunning - William Blake.
Anonymous 539281478077880: "On blood donation from a non-Muslim who may have eaten non-halal food like pork, (Federal Territories mufti) Zulkifli (Mohamad al-Bakri) said it was allowed in Islam because it was only the blood being transfused not the essence of pork."
Can any doctor or a man of substance related to haematology, please verify this subject?
Anonymous #44199885: While ‘halal’ and ‘haram’ designations should be used after much considered thought, the mufti's explanation seems very convenient in the light of some NGOs’ thoughts on labelling of goods and even McDonald's policy of not allowing cakes on its premises that don’t carry the halal logo.
You either apply your interpretation strictly and consistently or not at all, otherwise it will lead to confusion and mind you, it is not the non-Muslims who will be confused.
The Analyser: This is a topic on which religions should have no opinion at all. To even raise the topic is an unnecessary and unwanted invasion of a person's privacy.
Rational: In Islam, there's a term 'darurat'. When faced with a life-threatening situation, Muslims have to consume and use whatever things available (even if they are non-halal) to sustain life.
Nonetheless, it's a good question on why there's no labelling or segregation of blood and organs (for non-life-threatening situation).
Vijay47: When it suits your needs, anything non-Muslim is acceptable but otherwise such material must be cursed, restricted and kept away from the sight or touch of Muslims, lest they get confused and have their faith weakened.
There are different queues for shopping, sitting, even grocery trollies; Muslims and non-Muslims must be kept separate.
But when a man lies in bed, terrified of the vision of Death staring at him in the face, any heart, kidney, blood or what-have-you, the organs of pumpkin and pork-eaters become halal, they all miraculously change into wonderful creations of God.
So where are pigs and their bristles manufactured, China? Maybe at McDonalds.
N1: Interesting logic from the mufti, but I find it extremely difficult to comprehend.
Existential Turd: There are a couple of ways to redress rural Malays' concern about Chinese subverting Malays' power.
First is to ask a rhetorical soul-searching question: what has 60 years of Malay power gained them? Forty-five years of New Economic Policy (NEP)/New Development Policy (NDP), etc, reduced them to subsidy addicts. Is that what they want to defend?
Compare to Singapore, the Malays there are much better off despite being ruled by Chinese. Race is not the issue. Competence and integrity is.
Secondly, if they are not happy with opposition rule, be it led by Malay or Chinese or Indian, they can always vote them out in the next GE.
What the opposition need to do is actually very little, redress their local concerns, be it a road, bridge, drainage, lighting, telecommunication, river, education, healthcare, GST, etc.
If the opposition is determined to eliminate corruption, cronyism, and incompetence, they would have saved enough money to do all those things.
No-Brainer: Commander S Thayaparan, after reading your long article, I find no solution to overcome Umno's cash, race and religion strategies.
Surely there are ways, steps or strategies or methods on how to dislodge or neutralise Umno/BN from its strategies.
Sarawakian: No-Brainer, unlike the commander, I don't pin the blame on the opposition and expect them to perform miracles when our electoral system is so skewed in favour of kampung votes.

In a normal functioning democracy with fully empowered voters, BN would be long gone. The opposition will lose out, no matter what.- Mkini

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