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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Nazri says Azmin’s lying to divert attention from party troubles

"By the way, I am not the one resigning," he quips.
KUALA LUMPUR: PKR’s Mohamed Azmin Ali was trying to deflect attention from all the problems the opposition is facing at the moment, and that explains his claim of a senior minister resigning.
At least that’s what Umno Minister Nazri Aziz believes.
Speaking to reporters here today, Nazri questioned the rationale behind any BN member going to their political opponent to share an intention to quit the ruling group.
“I believe this was done on purpose. To take the attention away from the opposition, by creating an issue that can raise questions. If a minister wants to resign, there is no reason for him to see Azmin. He is not the prime minister.
“Azmin, in politics, is an enemy. So if, let’s say, the person just wanted to tell a friend, he can tell me. What’s wrong with that?”
But no minister came to him to talk about resigning, said Nazri.
When asked if it is possible that the minister met Azmin because he was interested in joining the opposition, Nazri said the right move would be to resign first, and only then approach those from the other side.
“If the individual really wants to resign, meet the prime minister. Don’t play around like that. By the way, I am not the one resigning, ya,” the tourism and culture minister quipped.
Azmin, the menteri besar for Selangor and the deputy president of PKR, surprised many yesterday with his tweet claiming that a senior cabinet minister has plans to resign soon.
He said the information came from the minister himself, and asked the public to “just wait” for the announcement.
Prime Minister Najib Razak in response, took to social media to deny the rumour, saying “no minister has informed me that he is quitting”.
“I shall assume Azmin is telling a lie to create a stir unless he can reveal the name,” Najib said on Facebook last night.
There was a flurry of speculation following Azmin’s claim. But when FMT contacted several ministers for confirmation, all said they were in the dark about it.
Minister of International Trade and Industry Mustapa Mohamed also dismissed Azmin’s tweet, saying the “cheeky news” was put out to confuse the public ahead of the general election. -FMT

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