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Sunday, February 12, 2017

No fear, Himpunan 355 is legal, students told

Muslim student group Gabungan Mahasiswa Islam Se-Malaysia (Gamis) today assured students that nothing untoward will happen to them if they attend the PAS-organised Himpunan 355 rally.
The rally in Kuala Lumpur next week is to galvanise support for PAS president Abdul Hadi Awang's private member's bill to amend the Syariah Court (Criminal Jurisdictions) Act (Act 355).
Gamis deputy president Muhd Faizzuddin Muhd Zai said the rally is legal because the organiser had obtained clearance from Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) and police.
As such, universities cannot take action against students who attend, he said.
"This is not like other rallies. It is not illegal and it was allowed by DBKL, while police has ensured security.
"So we want to tell students across Malaysia to not be afraid and that no law can be used against you. The rally has been endorsed by DBKL and police," he said at a press conference on the sidelines of a PAS event in Ampang Jaya, Selangor today.
He added Gamis will defend any student who faces disciplinary action for attending the rally.
Gamis president Muhammad Syukri Alimar Shidi said the rally is about an issue which concerns Muslims, but has been politicised.
"I am concerned that this issue is considered a political issue so student power, which is quite big, is diminished," he said.
He expects 10,000 students to attend the rally.
The Feb 18 rally in Kuala Lumpur is to show support for the bill, which seeks to raise the limits of penalties meted out by the syariah court.

DBKL said the rally can be held at Padang Merbok.
At present, the syariah court can deliver a maximum sentence of RM3,000 fine, six strokes of the rotan and five-year jail limit.
Hadi's bill seeks to raise this limit to RM100,000 fine, 100 strokes of the rotan and 30 years' jail.
The bill is expected to be tabled at next month's Parliamentary sitting.
BN component parties MCA, MIC and Gerakan have voiced opposition to the bill and urged for a committee to study its constitutionality.- Mkini

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