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Thursday, February 16, 2017

No need for Jasa-like propaganda arm in Harapan gov't, says Rafizi

Pakatan Harapan will not require a propaganda unit in government if it takes over Putrajaya, said PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli.
He was responding to Special Affairs Department (Jasa) fellow Lokman Adam, who said Jasa could even serve PKR if it comes to power because it works for the government of the day.
"I am confident a Harapan federal government does not need a propaganda department whose job is to respond to criticism on government policies, when this is the job of a responsible minister.
"A minister must defend a policy introduced by his party and when he fails, he should be sacked by the prime minister or not be re-elected," he added in a media statement.
Rafizi said there is no need for a propaganda arm to distribute information unrelated to government services, which can already by publicised by the government departments.
"There is even much less need for a propaganda arm which defends political party and leaders who are embroiled in (alleged) swindling of taxpayers' funds," he added.
Lokman's remark followed Rafizi's call for the closure of Jasa, which costs RM22 million a year.
Reveal names of contracted staff in Jasa
Rafizi said by dissolving Jasa, government servants can be reassigned to departments which better serve the people like education, welfare and health.
He said a Harapan government would also terminate all high-ranking political appointees in Jasa, which is now headed by Umno supreme council member Puad Zarkashi.

The Pandan MP also urged Puad to reveal the names of the 127 contracted Jasa staff to show the extent of political appointments in Jasa.
"Forty-seven percent of Jasa's workforce are contracted staff. Combine that with high-ranking political appointments, and my estimate is that 50 percent of Jasa personnel are contracted staff who are often political appointees.
"The Jasa director must reveal the names of the contracted staff at its headquarters and state offices so the public can determine if Jasa is where Umno activists are placed to conduct propaganda work at the taxpayers' expense," he said.- Mkini

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