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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Pak Arab kata sundal boleh, wanita susukan lelaki dewasa boleh, bapak zina kahwin anak zina boleh sekarang minum todi satu koleh pun boleh

Ok my comments are as per below. 

Here is the link :

FEBRUARY 13, 2017

In a sharp contradiction to what is common among Muslims, Khaled Al Gendy, a famous Islamic cleric and a member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs, stated that drinking liquor without getting drunk is not sinful.

alcoholic drink consumed without getting drunk, it is not haram

consumed to drunkenness makes it haram, the sheikh said
difference between drinking liquor and getting drunk.

During a talk show on DMC TV channel, Al Gedy said that getting drunk is haram, sinful and forbidden in Islam, and all Islamic sharia laws related to the punishment apply to getting drunk as a consequence of drinking alcoholic beverages.

A drunken person is defined as one who cannot tell the bottom of a valley from its top, Al Gendy added.

According to Abo Hanifa, a renowned Islamic scholar for sharia lawmaking and often called the Great Imam, drinking alcohol without getting drunk is not sinful

Here is the YouTube video:

Here is the link  : https://youtu.be/9FWVaHxdn84

My comments :  

The religious guys say the kafir countries are kafir because they allow promiscuity. Sex out of marriage, adulterous behaviours, concubinage, prostitution etc. 

Lets make a quick comparison.

1. Among the kafir people anywhere it  is not a punishable crime if they have adulterous relationships. N'theless it is still adulterous.

But the Muslims have legalised what is called nikah misyar or kahwin misyar (travellers marriage) and kahwin mutaah (temporary marriage). A man and woman can marry for a stipulated time frame and for an agreed "price".  After the lapse of the time, the marriage is legally ended. 

About kahwin misyar Yusuf Qardawi is quoted  here :  


"Professor Yusuf Al-Qaradawi ..recognise(s) that it is legal, since it fulfills all the requirements of the usual marriage contract.[6] He states his preference that the clause of renunciation be not included within the marriage contract, but be the subject of a simple verbal agreement between the parties. . . ."

In other words can lah.  

I think among the kafir people they call this prostitution, concubinage or just plain stashing a mistress somewhere.  But maybe that is also why they are called kafir.

2.  Not to be outdone the shia people have kahwin mutaah. More or less the same as nikah misyar or kahwin misyar.  It is prostitution by any measure. 

3.  Then the Salafi / Wahabi guys have what they call jihad munakaha or "sex jihad". This is where young women join the jihadis on the battle front and provide them with sexual services.  Sometime ago, of all people, a Malaysian girl (or girls) travelled to Syria to provide jihad munakaha services. This is according to Press reports.

Since then there have been many, many Press reports about young Muslim girls from many countries offering their sexual services through jihad munaakaha in Syria and elsewhere.  I was at a buka puasa function with Tun Dr Mahathir not too long ago and met some young men wearing jubah and kopiah who were talking excitedly about "the price" of Syrian girls for one night of jihad munaakaha. Cant recall the exact amount but it was around RM200 they said, the old exchange rate.  Now the Ringgit has fallen. 

In the kafir countries they would simply call it prostitution.

4.  Then Sheikh Izzat Attiya, the Sheikhul Hadith of Al Azhar University made that fatwa that to avoid "khalwat" a man can suckle milk from an adult woman after which they become "pseudo" blood relatives. Hence they can be together without committing "khalwat" anymore.  

I think the kafir people would call this aberrant behaviour. Or extremely kinky behaviour. 

Izzat Attiya was scolded for making this statement. But the fact is when Izzat Attiya made this statement, he was the Head of the Department of Hadith at  Al Azhar University, the Vatican of Sunni Islam.  Why did a Head of the Hadith Dept at Al Azhar make a statement like this? Surely he is the world's number 1 expert in hadith and sunnah.  He would know or should know better than anyone else.

Then a few year later another Arab sheikh Al Obeikan in Saudi Arabia repeated the same fatwa :

"As part of Islamic law, men and women are forbidden to be alone together, unless they are blood relatives or have established maternal relations, in order to prevent sexual contact.   As a way to avoid breaking this rule — which can result in lashings or prison time — Sheikh Al Obeikan, adviser to the royal court of Saudi Arabia and consultant to the Ministry of Justice, told Gulf News that women should give their breast milk to male colleagues, acquaintances or anyone with whom they come into regular contact."
As I said, the kafir people would call it kinky behaviour. Or aberrant behaviour.

5.  Then in the Shafiee mazhab or Shafie jurisprudence there is something called "bapa zina kahwin anak zina".  By this measure, a man who fathers an illegitimate daughter can later marry that daughter because according to Shafie jurisprudence that "illegitimate" daughter has no legal standing as his legitimate daughter.

I think the kafir people would simply call this incest.  

 6.  Then another Arab sheikh passed another fatwa (if you mispronounce it, it may sound like "passed wind") saying that it is ok for a fellow to peep at undressed women "as long as his intentions are pure". This is known  as the 'Peeping Tom' fatwa.

An Egyptian cleric has issued an Islamic fatwa (religious edict) allowing men to secretly watch women who are showing, so long as the male intends marry her and his intentions are "pure".

"The Salafist preacher Usama al-Qawsi has said a man is "entitled to hide" and watch a bathing woman if he chooses her to be his future wife, potentially giving voyeurism a religious sanction. 

"If you were really honest and wanted to marry that woman, and you were able to hide and watch her in secret, see the things that she wouldn't usually let you see before marrying her, then it is acceptable as long as your intentions are pure," the Muslim cleric says in the video uploaded in YouTube, according to the translation provided by Al Arabiya."

Hmm . . . what if the Peeping Tom honestly does not like what he sees?  Can he honestly change his mind about marrying the girl?

I mean after peeping at the girl while she was bathing can he say,  "Ya  Ayesha, habeebati, I  have to be honest. I honestly thought you were a .... but after honestly peeping at you while you were bathing I realised that you are actually a .. . .  That cant do for me. I must have a .. .. . Sorry.  I have to be honest."

The kafir people would simply call this voyeurism, peeping toms or very sick dickheads.

7. And now there is another Pak Arab sheikh who says that it is ok to drink but without getting drunk. 
I think the kafir people will say, 'Cheers'. 
So apa beza sangat brader?

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