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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Porsche has nothing to do with RM90m, says PAS Youth leader

Federal Territories Youth chief Khairil Nizam Khairudin today lambasted those unearthing claims that PAS spiritual leader Hashim Jasin owns a Porsche Cayman car, in light of the RM90 million controversy.
Car ownership information showing that Hashim owns the luxury car has been circulating online after Hashim said he would not be driving a Proton Saga if PAS had RM90 million.
"The car has nothing to do with the RM90 million claim.
"RM90 million is a lot of money. If we had in fact received RM90 million we would use to uphold Islam and help the rakyat, not buy cars," said Khairil Nizam.
He spoke to reporters after lodging a police report against Amanah's Salor assemblyperson Husam Musa, who said he has bank information proving that a PAS leader received the RM90 million.
Khairil Nizam also said PAS Youth has decided not to file a defamation suit against Husam following legal advice.
"We sought advice from PAS' lawyers who said it is better to first lodge a police report," he said.
"We at PAS Federal Territories believe there was never a RM90 million contribution to any of our leaders.
"We urge Husam not to be a coward and a joker by withholding the name of the individual he claimed received the funds," he said.
The police report by Khairil Nizam was just one among several similar police report lodged by PAS Youth leaders against Husam.
Husam, in an immediate response, questioned the numerous police reports against him.
"PAS Youth should also be reporting cases of abuse of power and misappropriation of public funds such as 1MDB.
"Otherwise, there will be questions whether PAS Youth cares about themselves and their party more than the people," he said.
Husam added that he was confident that the truth will prevail and voluminous police reports will not make a difference.
Son imported Porsche using Hashim's AP
Hashim had in 2013 explained that the Porsche belongs to his son, but it is registered in Hashim's name because it was imported using the approved permit (AP) he held as Arau MP.
"I had already explained that the car belongs to my son, who bought it in England last year (2012) at a cost of about RM100,000.

"He used my car import AP, allocated to me legitimately as an elected representative," he told Sinar Harian in 2013.
His son was a swiftlet nest entrepreneur, the daily reported.
"I have never driven that car but I have taken a ride in it from my office to my son's home in Kangar," he reportedly said.
Hashim was also quoted as saying that he only owns a Proton Saga and a Kia Optima, which are commonly used by middle-income earners.- Mkini

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