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Friday, February 10, 2017

Rafizi claims PSD and Mara scholars also hit by late payments

PKR vice-president Rafizi Ramli said he received multiple complaints from students under the Public Service Department's scholarship programme about late disbursements in their allowances.
Rafizi pointed out the complaints coincided with delays in the disbursement of loans from the Higher Education Loan Fund Corporation (PTPTN) to students from 11 public universities.
"I have also received complaints from students abroad under Mara scholarships claiming of delays in the payment of their allowances as well as students from the Institute of Teacher Education.
"Therefore, the delays in PTPTN disbursement as well as disbursements from other government agencies such as the PSD suggests that they are not isolated cases," he said.
PTPTN had said the delay in loan disbursement was due to the 11 public universities being late in submitting students' data to the agency.
The funds, meant to be disbursed in late January, have now been delayed to early March.
Rafizi expressed concern that the apparent coincidences of delays by PTPTN as well as PSD and Mara might be due to shortage of funds.

Rafizi also shared two of 15 emails of students' complaints which he received on the delays, with their details redacted.
"I urge the ministers in charge, including Higher Education Minister Idris Jusoh and Finance Minister II Johari Abdul Ghani to provide immediate feedback and publish the scholarship payment records or loans to students from government agencies," he said.
Rafizi said this would put concerns to rest that the government may be facing shortage of funds in sponsoring our students.-Mkini

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