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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

RM2,000 an hour for Quran lesson inside a jet

Elite Jets has received nearly 100 enquiries from those interested in making their air travel more meaningful.
PETALING JAYA: Ever wanted to learn how to read the Quran while flying on a private jet? Or just to have a feel of what it’s like being in one?
Well, this is now possible for as low as RM2,000 per hour.
For that amount, those interested will not only get the experience of being in a private jet, but will also get to learn the Quran for one whole hour with an award-winning ustazah.
For those who want to learn the Quran while moving through the clouds, the charge is RM33,000 per hour.
This is a service provided by Ustazah Sharifah Khasif Fadzilah Syed Badiuzzaman, supported by her business partner, Captain Hani Salman Ahmad, who is the chief executive officer of Elite Jets Sdn Bhd.
“Our main objective is to promote the private jet. And we want Elite Jets’ clients to have a meaningful experience as well by including the reading of Quran while they are on the jet.
“Those who might not be able to afford the flying package can just opt for the one where they still get to study inside the jet, but while it is grounded,” said Haryati Mohd Taha, the manager for Sharifah.
She told FMT they came up with the initiative because there was a demand for it, especially from business people and members of royalty.
“Sometimes, these people have problems learning the Quran in normal places. With this service, they get the privacy as well as the experience of being in a private jet.”
So far they have received almost 100 enquiries from those interested.
They have received some flak on social media, with some critics saying they were using religion to make money.
Haryati said the criticism was unfounded because Sharifah, who is a national Quran reciter, also provided lessons for middle-income and lower-middle-income groups. These lessons are conducted at her office in Ampang.
“She also teaches the poor for free,” Haryati said.
Elite Jets director Nik Eleena Zurenee Nik Mustapha told FMT that both Malaysians and foreigners had expressed interest in the service.
She clarified that the Quran lessons were just a complimentary service for those who are interested in making their journey in the air spiritually rewarding.
“Our business is renting private jets,” she said. “So the charges are not just for the Quran lessons. They were set according to the standard rental rate for private jets.”
Elite Jets’ first Quran class is scheduled to start in May. The company now boasts 30 jets. -FMT

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  1. study quran in a cave will be much cheaper if not foc.