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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Sabah Elections In April? Penang, Selangor Elections At Same Time?

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Sabah early election, probably two months
BN move to test political undercurrents 
decision made for Sabah, by Putrajaya. 

Candies and cookies to woo voters. 
worth at least a few billion ringgit. 
Santa Claus long before Christmas this year.

60 state seats

BN 48 state constituencies 
Musa has been CM for 14 years. 
on his way out.
removing Musa breath of fresh air 

senior minister tendered resignation due to 1MDB scandal 
streams of denials and ridicule.

Zahid Hamidi announced minister who tendered resignation NOT Anifah Aman

Why focus on Anifah Aman?
Azmin did not name Anifah.

Salleh Keruak and Rahman Dahlan increasingly impatient.

Anifah quiet lately
impending resignation put on hold after FDI by prime minister

2 hour negotiation in KL put things on hold 
pending outcome of ongoing horse trading

Ketua Pemuda Umno Malaysia post for CM's son 
CM could be next Governor of Sabah. 

Anifah may not last with a new state BN leader.

local sentiment favours Hajiji Noor (Sulaman state assemblyman)
well liked leader who is capable of being game changer

"Rahman Dahlan is not even part of the equation" 

cannot rule Musa Aman and Shafie Apdal bury the hatchet. 
Politics is the art of the impossible
Whether election in April as planned or with peninsula in Sept/Oct
Who dares rule out Shafie Apdal as next Chief Minister of Sabah?

My comments : Talk is the PRU14 will be held after the SEA Games in August (??)

They are going to "make sure" that Malaysia wins if not all then maximum gold medals. TV and media will be playing the "feel good" news again and again for a week. Then when the folks are feeling good they will suspend Parliament and declare the General Elecions. That is the game plan, maybe.

The BN has to move quickly in Sabah because Shafie Apdal is getting stronger by the day. There was talk of a small hiccup in Shafie's momentum but now with the rumours about Anifah Aman wanting to resign, Shafie is back on top again.

So it really does not matter if they will have the Sabah state elections in April.

And yes if Musa Aman is slated for the cowshed, he may make an alliance with Shafie Apdal. Why not?

Here is the nightmare scenario for BN - what if Musa Aman makes a private and quiet deal with Shafie Apdal? Meaning it will not be known in public. "Satu untuk engkau, dua untuk aku".  

There could be a show stealer if both Penang and Selangor also dissolve their Assemblies and go  for an election. My feeling is both Penang and Selangor will see the Pakatan securing a greater number of seats. And PAS will lose big, very big losses.

If that happens UMNO will have to reconsider how many seats they want to share with PAS. It will also give greater boost to Bersatu and Amanah to go after more PAS held seats (State and Parliament) in the PRU14. PAS will also drop the RUU355, hudood etc.

If the BN loses Penang, Selangor and Sabah (or loses many seats in Sabah) then MOI may decide to abolish the GST BEFORE the PRU14 in September or October. Even totally abolish import duties, taxes and APs for automobiles. Consumer prices will come crashing down. People will be happy. 

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