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Friday, February 10, 2017

The "No Income Nation". Just Abolish The GST.

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Folks, the following should really frighten you. My regrets but I dont want to spoil your Saturday. It is better to be informed.  

This article has gone viral. I dont know who wrote it. Thank you very much.  I received it via WhatsApp. The links to the newspapers are given. You can check out the links. I have added my comments, in blue.

Folks, the 1MDB is making the gomen bankrupt. 

But the GST is just destroying the Malaysian economy. 

Large parts of the Malaysian economy are  just grinding to a halt.   
When the businesses close, hundreds and thousands of people lose their jobs.
Read this list of businesses that have closed or have laid off workers.
All these laid off workers are now in the 'NO INCOME NATION'.
The baboons have now stopped talking about the HIGH INCOME NATION.
 And they DO NOT KNOW what to do.

In 2015, the Finance Ministry admitted that the implementation of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) has caused some businesses, especially those owned by the elderly, to close shop.  

As we move on to 2017 and look back to 2016, we start noticing at first : 

1. cafes like DeliFrance started to disappear

2.  then heard that jobsDB.com Malaysia was to shut down operations 

My comments :  DeliFrance and other bake shops were the first to be hit by the GST in April 2015. A neighbouring cake shop shut down within a few months of the GST.  Delifrance and bake-shops do not sell essential food. It is leisure spending. When people lost 15% of their purchasing power, cake shops, pastry shops and pattiserries were the first to go.

& now we hear of the mass exodus of Fortune 500 companies out of Malaysia causing massive job cuts (which began sometime in 2015 in Malaysia)....

3.    Malaysia Airlines to cut 6,000 jobs in bid for survival: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2015/jun/01/the-terminator-to-cut-6000-jobs-at-malaysia-airlines

MAS was already in trouble before the GST. But the GST made the situation worse for MAS. With business dropping and peoples' purchasing power down by 15%, who has money to travel on flights?

4.  STR Holdings to shut down Malaysian factory  :  http://www.photon.info/en/news/str-holdings-shut-down-malaysian-factory 

5. Fairchild to sell Penang factory, 1,000 set to lose jobs

6.  Nine major foreign factories in Penang shut down and retrench workers “Silicon Valley in the East” in critical situation

7.  HGST closing SSD plant in Malaysia – report

"HGST is reportedly closing an SSD manufacturing and research and development plant in Penang. The plant currently employs 450 people.  Managerial staff are going to HGST subsidiaries in Singapore."

My comments :  How come the management staff are being redeployed to their subsidiaries in Singapore? How come their Singapore plants are still running ok? Only the Malaysian factory is moving to China?

8.  SunEdison Semiconductor to close Malaysian plant

My comments : SunEdison employed 650 staff in Malaysia. 650 people have become part of the 'NO INCOME NATION'. Part of their operations will be taken up by their other plants around the world including Italy.  Italy is more profitable for SunEdison than Malaysia ??

9.  Sharp may shut plant in Malaysia soon, says executive

And then in 2016, even bigger companies started shutting down:   

10.  Petronas to cut 1,000 jobs:

My comments :  Petronas has cut more than 1000 jobs. Worse is the fact that thousands of other oil and gas jobs have been lost when Petronas sub-contractors also closed shop. The entire oil and gas industry in Malaysia has ground to a snail's pace. Just behind my house in Bukit Jalil there was a shiny new Oil and Gas outfit. A friend worked there. So many people worked there and so many clients and suppliers visited their offices that they parked their cars on the yellow lines all over the place. Now their office sudah tutup.  

11.  Kuwait Finance House KSC, the first foreign Islamic bank to operate in Malaysia, is weighing a sale of its operations in the Southeast Asian nation, people familiar with the matter said:

My comments :  Bodoh isnt it? You give a bank license to flighty people. These are not Malaysian people. At least if you gave a banking license to a Malaysian (tak kisah Cina, Melayu, Iban, Indian etc) they will still stay inside Malaysia. They will reinvest inside Malaysia. Now the Arabs are running back to where they came from. 
 Padan muka.

12.  Samsung to shut down TV plant in Malaysia

13.  British American Tobacco to shut down its Malaysia factory

14.  Malaysia’s sharia-compliant airline Rayani Air has been shut down

My comments : Rayani was a non starter.  Was Rayani based at Kota Bharu airport? Not sure.   Hoping to cash in on "halal" flights from Kota Bharu to KL. They would have had more luck if they set up a "halal" bus company plying the Kota Bharu - KL route. Many people from Kota Bharu take the bus to KL. Kelantan is the poorest state in the nation.
15.  Over 3,000 job cuts likely as Seagate, Western Digital leave Penang

16.  And  the biggest daddy of them all, McDonald’s announced it will leave Singapore and Malaysia both and shall sell it's stores to a local franchisee.
McDonald’s Plans $400 Million Malaysia, Singapore Sale

17.   Shell Malaysia Confirms Job Cuts:

18.   Teaching colleges started to close:

Home / Sabah Local News
Teaching colleges to close?
Thursday, October 20, 2016

Kota Kinabalu: Two renowned teaching colleges which have produced thousands of teachers over the last 53 years may soon shut their doors for good.
Daily Express learnt that Gaya Teaching College and the Keningau Teaching College are among nine in the country which have been rendered as "non-cost effective" by the Education Ministry.

Any closure is expected to affect hundreds of staff, and thousands of trainee teachers undergoing their studies there, as well as slow down the 90:10 transition Sabah teachers serving the State carried out by the Education Ministry itself.

19.   Tourism Malaysia to shut down four offices abroad, says Nazri

20.   Local Tourism Malaysia offices nationwide to close:          


My comments : Over 250 employees were redeployed or lost their jobs.

21.   Even News Sites and Media companies are closing down:

My comments : I also want to add the following shutdowns, lay offs, budget cuts, selling out, making losses etc.

22. Mydin hypermart made their first losses in 60 years.


23. Aeon closing outlets

Aeon at Kota Damansara and Bangsar South (the Sphere) are closing down. I dont know if anyother Aeons are also closing. Because they are the anchor tenant the entire retail complex at the Sphere is also closing down. Easily another 700 jobs lost at the two locations.  Over 700 people have joined the "No Income Nation". 

24. Silverbird closed down.


A few hundred workers and their suppliers also lost their jobs.

25. University Malaya 728 staff laid off 


26. UITM cuts RM946 million from Budget

The cuts at UITM are more serious. My cousin who was teaching at UITM has decided to leave the country to work overseas. He says he submitted his application for 'cuti tanpa gaji from UITM' on a Friday and on Monday he received the 'di luluskan' from the Head of Department. No objections made or clarifications needed. UITM does not have money anymore.  How is UITM going to keep their student roll at 200,000 students ? 

27. Utusan Malaysia could not pay staff salaries on time - more than once. "Cashflow" negative aka technically bankrupt. Utusan is surviving on direct cash injections from UMNO. 


28. NST, TV3, Berita Harian, Metro also in trouble. To be reorganized under Media Prima.

29. Proton contributed over RM400 million losses to DRB Hicom group. Now negotiating to sell to Chinese.  

Conclusion :  Folks, the economy is in serious trouble. Really serious trouble. How do we turn around this economy?

1. Pay McShitty and Bunkum Con-sultans Group another RM7 Billion to photocopy and recycle the 'Zimbabwe Economic Turnaround Plan' ?

2. Ask 'Big Hair' to  return some of her RM75 BILLION shopping money !! Yup, that figure could be conservative. They have stolen more than that.

3. Scratch butt. This option has been used for too long.

4. Scratch Big Hair's butt. This has been going on for too long also.

There are easy and effective methods to turn things around. Some can be done instantly and will have instantaneous positive effects. 

For instant and positive long lasting effect, just abolish the GST.  The economy will react positively and instantly.  Tapi kalau sudah bodoh, maka bodohlah.  Same morons running the place.

There are other things that need to be done. Longer term and with even more longer lasting positive impact.   Unfortunately same morons running the place. Ditto.

The Malay economy is grinding to a halt.

Here is an observation. In Malaysia, it is always race, race, race.  Malay workers are losing their jobs first and Malay businesses are  closing down first.

The Malay workers at lower levels are losing out to the Indons and the Banglas.  When the economic situation is bad employers reduce workers. They retain workers who can work harder, produce more and for less money. 

So in difficult times now the preferred employees are Indons and Banglas. A factory can fire three Malay workers and replace them with one or two Indons and Banglas. The productivity is the same or better for less pay. PLus the Indons and Banglas dont stop for 'prayer breaks', 'cuti emergency' etc.

I speak from 'street level' feedback. Some of my Indonesian customers (at our kedai emas) had a windfall bonus from their employers for Chinese New Year this year. One fellow was paid over RM8000 Chinese New Year bonus. 

There is a Pizza joint closeby. The had plenty Malay staff. The GST has affected  their business.  Now almost ALL the staff have been replaced by local Indians and Banglas - from the supervisor down to the pizza delivery.  Staff Melayu sudah kurang. I am not making this up. This is real. There are fewer staff at the Pizza outlet -  local Indians an Banglas. The Pizza joint has higher productivity, less staff. 

So siapa miskin dulu? 

Abolish the GST. Again it is making the Malays poor.

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