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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Uber suspends driver pending probe over 'flasher' claim

Ride-hailing service Uber has suspended a driver from its platform after a woman claimed he had allegedly flashed and fondled his private parts while driving the woman and her child.
A spokesperson from Uber confirmed that the driver in question no longer had access to the application while investigations into the matter were pending.
“What has been described by the rider has no place on the Uber network. Please be assured that we take such allegations seriously and our community guidelines expressly prohibit any kind of inappropriate behaviour on a trip.
“We also stand ready to assist the parties involved and the authorities in their investigation,” said the spokesperson in a statement to Malaysiakini.
The alleged incident had occurred in Kota Kinabalu, yesterday, after the woman took an Uber ride from Likas Hospital to Luyang.
The woman, who sat in the front passenger seat with her child, claimed that the driver took out his private parts and starting rubbing them, alarming her.
Sharing her ordeal during the purported incident to her Facebook friends, a friend later picked her up after she asked the suspect to drop her off in Damai, near Luyang. The woman subsequently lodged a police report on the matter.
Attempts to contact the woman have been unsuccessful while the Facebook post in which she detailed her experience has since been deleted or set to private.
Meanwhile, The Star Online reported that the Uber driver has lodged a counter report denying the woman’s claims.
Kota Kinabalu police chief M Chandra said that the suspect had denied flashing or fondling his private parts while ferrying the woman yesterday.

Chandra added that the driver claimed he did not say anything or touch her.
This is not the first time such an incident involving ride-sharing services has purportedly occurred.
Fellow ride-hailing service Grab in November last year removed a driver from its platform after he purportedly flashed his private parts at a passenger.
The passenger claimed that she noticed the driver had his private parts out just as they were entering a highway to go to shopping mall Sunway Pyramid.- Mkini

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