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Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Rafizi wants to sue me to get to the truth. How that is going to happen is not clear because John Soh has been the main moneyman for PKR for a long time. Everyone knows that and they even know he was supposed to finance ‘September 16’ if it had happened. So what ‘truth’ does Rafizi hope to reveal in that suit? Instead he is just going to confirm the fact that John Soh spent tens of millions on PKR and its leaders, Rafizi included.
Rafizi Ramli said he is asking his lawyers to sue me. And then he said he knows he is not going to get any money since I am a bankrupt. However, it is not the money he is after but the truth, said Rafizi. He then went on and on talking about my bankruptcy.
Actually all that was totally unnecessary. First of all he need not have told the world he is suing me because he does not know yet whether he is going to sue me. And even if he does want the world to know he is going to sue me why the need to talk at length regarding the bankruptcy?
Actually what he really wanted to talk about was not the suit but the bankruptcy. But he pretends he wants to talk about the suit while he talks about the bankruptcy more than the suit. That was his real target. He wanted to highlight the bankruptcy matter even if in the end he does not file any suit.
Rafizi Ramli and Saifuddin Nasution were both on John Soh’s payroll
Rafizi even mentioned the date of the bankruptcy: April 2001. And that is most interesting because from April 2001 until June 2001 I was under detention without trial. When I was under detention they sent a bankruptcy notice to my house giving me 14 days to contest the action. But then I was under detention and solitary confinement for 60 days so I was not able to contest the matter.
When I got out I engaged Gopal Sri Ram’s legal firm to look into this matter (Sri Ram was then in the Appeal Court). A few days later they came back to inform me that the file was not in court — it had disappeared. The file would have to be ‘reconstructed’ but it would cost quite a bit of money, money I did not have. So I decided the cost was not worth contesting the matter.
Rafizi is angry because I revealed that John Soh Chee Wen was financing PKR, Anwar Ibrahim and family, plus those close to Anwar to the tune of tens of millions of Ringgit. And that is why Rafizi wants to sue me. But then this is no secret. Everyone knows that John Soh has spent tens of millions on PKR and PKR leaders. In fact, PKR’s party headquarters belongs to John Soh and PKR has been squatting there free of charge for more than ten years. That alone is worth tens of millions of Ringgit.
John Soh spent RM1 million on the Hulu Selangor by-election while PAS and not PKR campaigned for Zaid Ibrahim
In 2010, John Soh spent RM1 million on the Hulu Selangor by-election, which Zaid Ibrahim contested (and lost to MIC’s P. Kamalanathan by just 1,725 votes). John Soh was not too happy for Zaid to contest that by-election because he knew PKR would sabotage him (which they did with that beer bottle graphic, which Saifuddin Nasution said was done by Azmin Ali and his boys).
Everybody knows this story. Even PAS was talking about it at that time and they knew that the beer bottle graphic was a doctored photo. And it was PAS and not PKR that campaigned all out for Zaid — which was why he lost by just 1,725 votes and still won almost 49% of the votes. If not Zaid would have lost even more.
And now Zaid is whacking PAS, the party that helped him in Hulu Selangor when PKR, his own party, tried to kill him (and in fact did kill him).
Zaid said he is hurt that I whacked him after what he did for me when I first came to Manchester. But is not politics such? One day you are friends and the next day you are enemies (and vice versa). When PKR tried to kill Zaid, PAS was the one who came out to support him. And now Zaid is friends with PKR and enemies with PAS. Does Zaid not also play by those same rules? I am sure Abdul Hadi Awang also feels hurt after what PAS did for Zaid and then he turns around and betrays PAS.
This is the second time Haris Ibrahim is attempting this exercise after failing the first time in 2010
The message regarding INVOKE (see below) is being sent to all and sundry. I received the same message from four different people. This is actually the second time Haris Ibrahim is attempting this exercise. The first time Haris attempted it was back in 2010 when he was heading MCLM.
And it was John Soh who financed Haris Ibrahim when he tried to do what INVOKE is trying to do today (which is a second time they are trying it). After spending so much money John Soh decided to drop the whole thing because it failed. Such idealistic things just do not work in Malaysia. In fact, it cannot even work in the US or UK. So the RM300,000 a month they expect to spend on INVOKE is just going to be money down the drain. By the time the next general election comes RM4 million would have been blown with nothing to show for it.
The message below said:
About 95% of the INVOKE staff are below 25 years old and are paid between RM1,800 to RM2,500. Most of the staff are university graduates and many are from prestigious international universities such as Oxford, Berkley, Melbourne, King’s College. These 80 staff are smart, honest, dedicated and incredibly hardworking. They are putting hold of their careers to put in one year with INVOKE to remove Najib from power and bring in a democratic two party system.
Rafizi drooling at the lips thinking of his harem of young men
I would advise Rafizi to be very careful with this. People are beginning to say that Rafizi is spendingY RM300,000 a month to build up his harem of young men. Having a harem of young men is one thing but doing so with public money will not go down well with many.
Rafizi is already being accused of having relationships with a number of young men. There are even ‘sexual e-mails’ of him communicating with these young men, which Azmin’s boys have in their possession. His further involvement with these INVOKE young men might start tongues wagging and the last thing Rafizi needs are rumours of him having gay relationships so close to the general election.
I hear Azmin’s boys are keeping this ‘bomb’ for when the party elections are held so that they can kill Rafizi off like they did Zaid. And these 80 young graduates who Rafizi will have under him (pun not intended) may be just the ammunition Azmin’s boys need.
John Soh spent so much money on Anwar and his family but when his (John’s) wife was dying of cancer none of them bothered to even visit her or ask about her, which made John Soh very sad at their ingratitude
Good morning. On Saturday night, I joined Rafizi Ramli, Hannah Yeoh and Harris Ibrahim for an INVOKE Malaysia fundraiser dinner. We sold 92 tables and raised around RM150,000 net after expenses. Thank you everyone for your generous support.
INVOKE is a big data, media and election machinery. We have been operational for 7 months supported by the public in form of small donations. Rafizi has put up almost his entire savings to start this venture. We have now 80 staff with 12 offices. Our operational cost is about RM300,000 a month.
Rafizi does not take in any salary and all politicians supported by INVOKE are unpaid. All monies raised goes only to staff salaries, admin costs and equipments. About 95% of the INVOKE staff are below 25 years old and are paid between RM1,800 to RM2,500. Most of the staff are university graduates and many are from prestigious international universities such as Oxford, Berkley, Melbourne, King’s College. These 80 staff are smart, honest, dedicated and incredibly hardworking. They are putting hold of their careers to put in one year with INVOKE to remove Najib from power and bring in a democratic two party system.
How does INVOKE fit into the coming GE14? To overthrow BN without PAS, we need to win roughly another 40 additional seats. INVOKE is now supporting 50 Parliamentary seats and the candidates are from PKR, Amanah and DAP. All candidates must sign a pledge to be corrupt free, to carry out their MP duties (if elected) and declare all their assets. In other words, INVOKE will only work with hardworking and honest politicians.
How will INVOKE support these 50 candidates? INVOKE using big data and complex algorithms will provided crucial election data to these candidates. INVOKE powerful surveys will enable us to refine micro strategies down to the street. Every Thursday night, INVOKE’s phone bank volunteers are recruiting thousands of PACA to support these 50 candidates. We now have 9,000 volunteers, we need to reach 40,000. INVOKE started PACA training in our 12 centres a month ago. Trainings will increase as election nears. INVOKE media through programs, chat shows and Parlimen Rakyat on facebook live stream, has steadily grown and achieved one million fb reach; our reach is now as powerful as TV3. Our door to door campaigning team is ready to take off when GE14 is announced.
Many people ask, how can we possibly win? In 2013, Pakatan fought the elections on very broad strategies and motherhood statements, and yet we took the popular vote. We rode the wave for change, but in truth we didn’t have even a system that delivered sufficient PACA in all our seats. Even in my urban area of Kelana Jaya, we were short of 50 PACA on election day. In rural areas, we had a more pronounced PACA shortage. I truly believe that had we deployed enough ground troops and PACAs in 2013, we would have soundly defeated UMNO BN.
INVOKE has learnt from the errors and shortcomings of GE13. Guided by big data techniques from the 2012 Obama campaign, we are finally bringing modern big data, micro targetting, organisational and management systems and techniques and deploying it for GE14. Rafizi is bringing his 15 years in Petronas as the youngest ever General Manager to lead, drive, organise and execute INVOKE’s plans to help Pakatan Rakyat capture Putrajaya and end corruption and impunity.
In order for this team of these 80 young heroes to defeat UMNO BN, please support us. We need to raise an additional RM3 million to keep INVOKE afloat for another 10 months. You can donate as low as RM20. If 150,000 of you donate RM20 each, we can change Malaysia forever. It will be the best ever RM20 investment you make in your life.
Raja Petra Kamarudin

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