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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Kedah MB's promise to end water woes running dry – MP

A PKR lawmaker has blasted Kedah Menteri Besar Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah for the state's water shortage woes, saying the promise of a new treatment plant by year-end was unconvincing.
"Although last month, the MB announced Syarikat Air Darul Aman's (Sada) plant in Jabi would be completed by November, for me it has no traction as long as there is no written black and white in the state assembly to reassure the people," said PKR Sungai Petani MP Johari Abdul in a statement.
"The people of Kedah are fed up of water shortages that have been plaguing them all this time, and what is of concern is that the treatment plant will be another 'white elephant' as what has happened to the failed incinerator project in Langkawi that had cost RM70 million," he said.
Last year Bashah riled the Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) after snubbing their suggestions and complaints about depleting water catchment areas due to deforestation.
"We're the state government, we know how to do our job. No need to teach us what to do," the Kedah Menteri was reported as saying.

Johari said the state government has a responsibility to take care of the people's welfare and prepare a temporary solutions in the short term, while the treatment plant is being built.
"For the long term, Sada and the Green Technology and Water Ministry (Kettha) need to prepare a project paper on the state's water development plan for the next 10 years.
"The document should be made public," said the MP.
Johari added a special committee should be set up to listen to the views of stakeholders such as the NGOs, the public and experts, as well as more budget allocation to developing water resources, in order to solve the long-standing problem.- Mkini

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