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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

New Poll : How Will You Vote?

Folks here is a new poll. How will you vote?  

Before that lets look at the last poll.  Between Hisham Onn and Zahid Hamidi, who would you prefer for PM? Here is the result after about five days :

One thing I have noticed about these online polls is that the trend is determined within the first few hours.

Hisham has had a 4:1 lead over Zahid since Day 1.

Those of you who want to use this info (if it helps at all - I wont be too cocky lah) to throw a spanner among the Dumbno boys, please go ahead.

Zahid has no chance of becoming PM. I think we can be quite sure about that.

There is a new poll posted here. How will you vote?

Will you vote BN.

Will you never vote BN?

Will you vote BN MINUS Najib?

Please take the poll. I hope we can get say 500 people to respond.

Thank you.

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